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Create a Wild, Romantic & Magical Life Fueled By The Spirit Within

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The 5 Stages of Unlocking Your Higher Purpose

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A Magical & Intentional Life Awaits

If you often find yourself feeling stuck in life, you’re not alone.


Many people perceive that they’re trapped in a reality they dislike, constantly masking stress, anxiety, or depression from everyone in their life.


You may even find that you try and mask these feelings from yourself by becoming numb altogether ‒ leaving an estranged spirit trapped with no outlet to live through.


We are spiritual creatures ‒ it’s why love exists; why we cry, laugh, sing, and dance; why we get goosebumps.


To truly heal and become whole, we must be in touch with the spirit ‒ learning its lessons and finding the clarity and purpose that has been within us all along.


With the help of the divine hippie, your feelings will no longer feel scary but instead be an essential guide map to navigating your inner and outer world.


What My Clients Are Saying...

"When I have gotten stuck, Rosalee is very capable of being straight and forthcoming, always in a kind and respectful manner. I have experienced quite a number of growth/learning opportunities thanks to her consistent, grounded and loving support. It’s a guaranteed smile when I read her regular posts of encouragement. Of course there are also those poignant questions that make me look inward for the answer. They are not always fun, but I know it is very necessary work for me. I love and appreciate that Rosalee passionately shares with us, her deeply cultivated wisdom. Thank you Rosalee!"


"I felt very drawn to the group 'Welcoming Change' ritual and spellwork when I saw Rosalee advertise this on her Social Media. For a number of reasons the opportunity felt timely and so it was without hesitation that I registered for the offer. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect as haven't had a service quite like this before. I just loved everything about this groupwork spell- it has been smooth, the report delivery was incredibly prompt, and I loved the way Rosalee detailed the process and what exactly it was that she did during the spellwork. The messages contained within the report were helpful, insightful, and resonated deeply with me."


Are You Ready to Step Into Your Power?

Releasing all that no longer serves you is scary as fuck.


It's not like how the movies portray spiritual awakenings. It's not beautifully crying while looking out a window; it's clenching your teeth, gripping to the sheets of your bed as you deal with the unraveling of your false beliefs, while awakening to your truth.


That's why I'm here.


I'm here to hold your hand and act as a guide as you transform into your highest self.


I'm here to support you through the ups and downs of stepping into your power and activating your magnetism.

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Browse a collection of dozens of videos right at your fingertips. Get a behind-the-scenes look at life as a business owner and witch. 

The Easy Way to Mind, Body & Soul Healing

Learn from me, a certified chakra balancing practitioner, to harness the power of your chakras to create harmony within.

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