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1:1 Coaching With The Divine Hippie

3 Months to Activate Your Inner Magnetism,

embody your highest self and bring your manifestations to


red and white roses

Busy Woman, I see you there...

Feeling disconnected from yourself.


Like you’re just existing in your body, running on autopilot, doing the things you’re ‘supposed’ to be doing but still feeling unfulfilled.


Like, surely there’s more to life than…this?

What if I told you that you have a roadmap within you that knows exactly what to do next?

How to move through life with ease? How to effortlessly call in success, love, and prosperity?

 What you desire, desires you too. 

It’s time to activate this power within you and create a life that you love.

roses and tarot cards, The Divine Hippie


  • Becoming a magnet to all that you desire from the Universe. It seems as though you snap your fingers and bam! It's in front of you.

  • As you put on your moisturizer in the morning while repeating affirmations, you feel their strength within you.   It hits deep because they're true. 

  • Reflecting on the past twelve months and the woman you were then is unrecognizable to the woman you are today. You are stronger, more confident, more magnetizing.

  • Being so sexy that people passing almost break their necks to look at you. You are glowing from the inside out and it shows.

  • Stress no longer being a part of your vocabulary because you fully trust in the way things always work out for you.  You sit back and fully receive. 

Book Your Discovery Call

Hi Lovely, I'm Rosalee.

I have been a practicing witch and studying spirituality for over 12 years. And I’ve done all of the things: therapy, 30-day challenges, shadow work… but I always felt that something was missing.

I was doing ‘everything’ but  still not manifesting  the life I desired, so what was wrong?

My life truly started to change when I began embodying the person I was meant to be-  magnetic, confident, and sexy. I discovered this was less about what I was doing and more about  who I was being. 

I realized that self-love wasn’t exercising 3x/week and applying sunscreen daily; it’s loving yourself even after you’ve made a mistake. It’s accepting the parts of you that tolerated being treated unfairly in the past. It’s allowing yourself to be who you are instead of trying to mold yourself into a version that is more ‘presentable.’

Embodying my highest and favorite self was also about accepting that I needed support.  I no longer needed to be the ‘tough girl.’ I could be soft and nurturing and kind while still upholding my standards. 

I’ve now come to a place where I can lovingly accept and be all the parts of me that I once deemed embarrassing. As a result, my whole life has changed: I attracted more loving people into my life, I stopped accepting poor treatment, and I wasn't afraid of showing up as me.

So I get where you are. I’ve been there. But I also know there’s another way of being.


Let me teach you how to alter your energy so you can embody your highest self who is dripping in wealth, blessed with beauty by the gods, and a magnet to mind-blowing opportunities.

Rosalee John of The Divine Hippie

Introducing Magnetism Mastery

Rosalee From The Divine Hippie reading a book

A 3-month coaching program for women who want to activate their inner magnetism, embody their highest self and bring their manifestations to life.

bunch of red roses

This is for you if:

  • You have been on your healing journey for a while, have read the books, and tried seemingly everything, but are not seeing the lasting change you desire in your life.

  • You feel stuck in your current circumstances, lost in the ‘struggle’ of life, and unsure of what you need to do to break out of this cycle.

  • You are ready to create a delicious life for yourself that feels easy, fun, and where opportunities flow effortlessly.

  • You are ready to do the inner work required to be your highest self and manifest your dream life.

  • You’re done with trying to figure it all out on your own and want the support of an experienced practitioner who can walk this journey with you.

This Is Not For You If:

  • You’re totally new to your healing journey. This is not for beginners.

  • You want to manifest but are  not interested in doing the work. 

What's Included

Kickstarter Call

Hosted at the beginning of our time together. We’ll get super clear on your goals, dreams and vision for your life, as well as what might be holding you back, so we can map out a personalised approach to get you living the juicy life you deserve and desire.

3 Months of 1:1 Voxer

This is like having a coach in your back pocket! You can send me a voice note or text message at any time and I’ll respond with exactly what you need.

One Intuitive Healing Session

Out with the old, in with the new. This intuitive healing session will support you to release any blocks and non-beneficial energy that have been holding you back. This will happen in our first month of coaching, supporting you to create space for all that you’re manifesting.

One Custom Spell

In my opinion, the juiciest part of the program. I'll design a personalized spell to invoke your desires and support your transition into a magnetic babe. This takes place during the second month of the program. 

One Card Reading

Happens during the last month of the program where we will tap into your time after we've finished to help you receive guidance and decide next steps.

Farewell Call

Together we’ll reflect on and celebrate all that you’ve achieved in our 3 months together. We’ll then set goals and create an action plan moving forward from here so you can continue to live your highest vision for your life.


Investment (CAD)

Pay in Full: $2,999
3 Month Payment Plan: $999/month
6 Month Payment Plan: $499/month

Let's Get Started

Your next step is to book a discovery call with me. From there, I can learn more about you, answer any questions, and see if Magnetism Mastery is the right fit for you.

The Divine Hippie on her laptop
spellcasting candles _ The Divine Hippie_edited.jpg

 Frequently Asked Questions 

q: What is Voxer?

Voxer is a free app that allows people to talk in real-time using their walkie-talkie feature along with text messaging, voice notes, and photo sending. Available on your phone and desktop. 

Q: What can we discuss during our time together?

This type of support is meant for Q&As, brain dumps, and celebrations. I'll share tips and tricks, what has worked and what hasn't worked in the past, along with personalized expert guidance for you. Topics: energy work, mindset, limiting beliefs, release work, goal setting, accountability, etc. If you have a question, just ask!

q: How does 1:1 messaging support work?

You will have access to me as your spiritual coach via Voxer for 90 days from Monday- Friday. My office hours are 10 am to 6 pm. I uphold a 24-hour response time. I respond to messages 1-3x/day so I will usually respond in less than 24 hours. You can also send voice messages up to 3 minutes long.

Q: I love the idea of receiving a spell but I don’t consider myself a witch. What do I do?

That is totally okay as witchcraft is for everyone from experienced witches to witch-curious individuals! Magic can be used to help anyone of any belief system, race, religion, sexuality or gender. The foundation of magic is intention so as long as there is powerful intention, you will experience all of the incredible benefits of a magical life!

Q: Do you accept cancellations or exchanges?

I do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

Lisa's Experience With Doubt Creeping In,

"When I have gotten stuck, Rosalee is very capable of being straight and forthcoming, always in a kind and respectful manner. I have experienced quite a number of growth/learning opportunities thanks to her consistent, grounded and loving support. It’s a guaranteed smile when I read her regular posts of encouragement. Of course there are also those poignant questions that make me look inward for the answer. They are not always fun, but I know it is very necessary work for me. I love and appreciate that Rosalee passionately shares with us, her deeply cultivated wisdom. Thank you Rosalee!"

 3 months of juicy magic  with yours truly.

Xoxo Rosalee

I can’t wait to serve and support you in this way.

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