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From Confusion to Clarity

Rosalee John of The Divine Hippie Softly Smiling While Holding a Red Rose

Hi, I'm Rosalee.

CEO of The Divine Hippie

I am a spiritual coach and witch. I support busy women on their healing journey to understand themselves better using spirituality so that they can create a wild, romantic, and magical life fueled by the spirit within. I specialize in overcoming mindset blocks and shadow work to help you step into the highest version of you.

Your higher calling is here, it’s time for you to answer…

I created a FREE personal spiritual guide for people seeking spiritual awakening such as yourself to light your way through every step from unconscious to conscious, and to introduce you to the bumps, roadblocks, and victories that you might face along the way.

A Group of Red Roses


"Since Rosalee completed the spell work, I've definitely noticed a shift in energy. Even within the body where Rosalee picked up where I hold the most tension (shoulders/back), I've felt a shift here as well. Rosalee has many different services, so if your struggling within an area of your life and need more guidance and support with, I recommend Rosalee. Even communication was quick, efficient and concise. Thank you Rosalee."


Specializing In Helping Women to Create a 'Pinch Me'  Life.

Wake up fueled by passion, trusting so deliciously in the Universe that your purpose never falters as you walk through life.

Rosalee John of The Divine Hippie smiling widely

Years In the Making...


Bachelor's Degree in Metaphysical Science


Certified Reiki Master


Certified Restorative Yoga Teacher


12 Years as a Practicing Witch

Rosalee's Journey

Leading the way toward spiritual wellness is The Divine Hippie founder Rosalee John. At a young eight years old, the spirit world began to draw her in, and she has never let go since. Soon after her interest was sparked, Rosalee found her first Oracle card deck at a local garage sale. And from ages 8-14 years old, she took classes in spirituality, mediumship, and tea leaf reading.

After completing her basic education,  Rosalee acquired a certificate in Herbology Basics and a Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Science, B.Msc. from the University of Metaphysics. Rosalee sought out anything she could do to expand and solidify her knowledge through both spiritual and scientific practices.

Spiritual enlightenment and healing guided Rosalee throughout her growth in childhood and adulthood, and in 2019, she realized it was time to share what she had learned throughout the years. Hence, The Divine Hippie was born.

Rosalee specializes in Intuitive Healing and Witchcraft, using her education and natural inclination as an accredited and accomplished Reiki Master, Angel Card Reader, and Restorative Yoga Teacher. She is committed to providing ethereal and intentional experiences through Reiki and Chakra balancing, helping you find your center in a chaotic and imbalanced world. 

Rosalee John of The Divine Hippie Softly Smiling While Holding a Red Rose

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