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General Card Reading

It's Time to Get Crystal Clear About Your Desires.

Move Past the Bullshit of Uncertainty and Receive the Answers You Need Now

This card reading is about you and your life, and all subject matter should center on yourself rather than outside people or circumstances. In order to make a deep and impactful connection with the spirit world, you must connect to your own spirit within.


Be open to information that you may not have expected and look deeply into what it means for you.


Receiving a card reading reveals things that have the potential to impact the course of your life, as it invites you to connect with your higher self and the infinite powers of the universe.



  • Feeling deeply connected to your inner compass that guides you in the right direction.

  • Welcoming the new beginning that you have been aching for.

  • Feeling empowered to take BIG steps in your life because you know that it's in your highest good.

  • Feeling more certain about the direction you’re headed in.

Right now, you might feel stuck in this tangled web of overwhelm that keeps you from making a decision. Shame might come over you tricking you into thinking, "What's wrong with me? Why haven't I made a move yet?"

This feeling is totally normal! When you are in the process of evolving, it's normal to hesitate because you know that everything in your life is about to change.

You CAN:

  • Have the courage to take BIG steps in your life because you trust yourself.

  • Make a choice that is both empowering and fulfilling.

  • Align with your life purpose, enabling you to follow your bliss.

Introducing the General Card Reading

The Ultimate Reading to Get Confirmation, Discover Hidden Truths, & Explore Possibilities for Your Life.

You Will Learn

The general theme of your situation right now

How to overcome and heal these blocks to welcome love, peace, and joy for all involved

Possible blocks preventing you from your desired outcome

The possible outcome of your situation, based on the current path that you're on

*You will receive concrete answers that your soul has been yearning for without the bullshit.

Are you ready to receive...

  • Clarity?

  • The answers you've been seeking?

  • And confirmation that you're on the right path?

What's Included

The General Card Reading is an open book for you to decide what you need and what kind of guidance you’d like to receive from the spirits. Since this option is more open-ended, my card reading remains purely instinctual, so the pattern and length of the spread can vary from person to person.


Like all of my card readings, I utilize both tarot and oracle cards. The chosen deck will also be based on intuition, allowing every step of your reading to be led by the universe.


For the General Card Reading, you may receive information and answers to subject matter of any kind besides that which relates to health or infidelity. My services are not to be used in replacement of a medical professional or licensed counseling. For serious matters, it’s best to go to a professional in that field.

You’ll provide me with your name, email contact, and any context about yourself that you’d like to provide. Once my reading is finished, you will receive your card reading. Be on the lookout for an email from me, where you’ll receive the following in a PDF report:

  • A photo of your entire card reading spread.

  • Close-up photos of each card that was drawn in your reading.

  • A written description of your reading and how I interpreted it.

Investment: $129.99 CAD

Turnaround Time

The Divine Hippie works in a 30-day turnaround cycle. This is our workflow because it allows for services to be done when intuitively called and to be done in alignment with specific days, moon phases, or astrological events. 


"With her knowledge and experience in energy flow, card readings and spirituality, Rosalee has helped me navigate my journey and re-discovery of connection with the Universe. I recommend Rosalee's services to anyonae: whether it's reiki healing, gaining knowledge, and understanding of your own energy or card readings. Thank you Rosalee for all your help!"

- Maggie

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Why Work With Me?

Leading the way toward spiritual wellness is The Divine Hippie founder Rosalee John. At a young eight years old, the spirit world began to draw her in, and she has never let go since. Soon after her interest was sparked, Rosalee found her first Oracle card deck at a local garage sale. And from ages 8-14 years old, she took classes in spirituality, mediumship, and tea leaf reading.

After completing her basic education,  Rosalee acquired a certificate in Herbology Basics and a Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Science, B.Msc. from the University of Metaphysics. Rosalee sought out anything she could do to expand and solidify her knowledge through both spiritual and scientific practices.

Spiritual enlightenment and healing guided Rosalee throughout her growth in childhood and adulthood, and in 2019, she realized it was time to share what she had learned throughout the years. Hence, The Divine Hippie was born.

Rosalee specializes in Intuitive Healing and Witchcraft, using her education and natural inclination as an accredited and accomplished Reiki Master, Angel Card Reader, and Restorative Yoga Teacher. She is committed to providing ethereal and intentional experiences through Reiki and Chakra balancing, helping you find your center in a chaotic and imbalanced world. 

The Divine Hippie was created to help badass women step into their unique power. Day by day, you will learn how to create a wild, romantic, and magical life fueled by the spirit within. When you become a Divine Hippie yourself, you become a part of a movement that is reconnecting our collective world to themselves and the earth, helping society heal and prosper.



Julie's Experience

"The card reading that I got from Rosalee was spot on and exactly what I needed...Our angels and guides are always watching over us and wanting to direct us. But we have to ask for their help. I asked Rosalee for a reading and got the exact reading and guidance that I need to propel me forward on my mission and in my business. Look forward to having another reading soon!"


Kaz's Experience

"I had a wonderful experience with Rosalee at The Divine Hippie. I had some pressing questions about my career path and Rosalee did an awesome Angel card reading for me, which gave me excellent insight into what my future holds. I find Rosalee to be charming and charismatic, with a healing heart and compassionate manner. I highly recommend Rosalee and her services."


Lisa's Experience

"When I have gotten stuck, Rosalee is very capable of being straight and forthcoming, always in a kind and respectful manner. I have experienced quite a number of growth/learning opportunities thanks to her consistent, grounded and loving support. It’s a guaranteed smile when I read her regular posts of encouragement. Of course there are also those poignant questions that make me look inward for the answer. They are not always fun, but I know it is very necessary work for me. I love and appreciate that Rosalee passionately shares with us, her deeply cultivated wisdom. Thank you Rosalee!"

The General Card Reading is For You If...

  • You're ready to get to the root cause of your situation.

  • You're excited to try a new method to see change in your life.

  • You're ready to implement change and grow.

The General Card Reading is NOT For You If...

  • You are not ready to take a leap in your guided direction.

  • You don't want to learn about blocks within you that are stopping you from growing.

  • You are not ready to invest in yourself.

What Are You Waiting For? Book Your Reading Today.

Frequently Asked Questions

q: I want to order a general reading, but I don't have a question in mind?

That is totally okay! More often than not, clients come to general readings without a specific question. In this circumstance. we will ask a general, "what do you need to know right now?" Whatever comes up in the reading is what the Universe deems to be a pressing matter.

q: How accurate are readings?

Card readings can be incredibly accurate if you connect well with the reader and they are experienced. I have over 12 years of experience. Very rarely have I had a difficult time connecting with a client. It's also important to remember that card readings don't necessarily predict the future. They share insight on the path you are currently on but you can change your future with a single action.

q: How is the card reading performed?

All readings done by me are done by distance. Once I have finished your reading you will receive a pdf report detailing your reading including a summary, picture of your spread, and your messages. This is no different from in-person reading because energy is energy. No matter where you are in the world, I can confidently connect with your energy.

q: How much are your readings and how can i pay?

Each reading is $129.99 CAD. I accept all major credit cards.

q: Do you accept cancellations or exchanges?

I do not accept returns, exchanges or cancellations. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

q: I am unsure if I feel comfortable booking with you because I fear that it goes against my religion/beliefs.

I completely understand your situation. All of my services are not based in a specific religion so anyone of any gender, sexuality, race, religion, or belief system can use them. The way that I view it is that I work with the Universe to receive the desired answers (ex. during a card reading). The Universe is interchangeable with any other higher power such as God. I am simply a conduit for a higher power that resonates best with you, with the goal of improving your overall well-being.

There are a Limited Amount of Spots Open Per Month

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What Are You Waiting For? Book Your Reading Today.

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