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Calling In cash group ritual by The Divine Hippie | Money Spell | Witchcraft services


Become Deliciously Attractive to Money

Tuesday, April 18th, 2023

  • Money showing up randomly in your bank account, being showered in gifts, and your boss unexpectedly gives you a bonus.

  • Seeing money as a resource for good that provides freedom in all areas of your life.

  • Whether you are self-employed or in the corporate world, you confidently show up to work knowing how valuable you are to your team. 

Rosalee John, Card Reader, Accurate Predicitions
Introducing the Calling In Cash Group Ritual

Become a magnet for money to come to you in expected and unexpected ways.

This Spell Will Help You

Identify & heal beliefs that prevent money from coming into your life.

Raise your vibration to align with money so that you can become the wealthy woman of your dreams.

*You will receive the help and guidance you need to break free from limiting beliefs without the bullshit.

What's Included

A group spell will be performed for you and the other participants by connecting to your spirit and doing the work as needed to be shared by the Universe using witchcraft. I act as a conduit, allowing healing energy to flow through me to you. Every spell process looks different for everyone but I will tap into your energy which will intuitively inform me of any blockages, how to heal these blockages and any messages that you need to hear.

The day of the spell you don't have to do anything specific, just be open to receive divine assistance. However, if you wish you can do breathwork, yoga, or any other spiritual practice that is aligned with you. You’ll provide me with your name, email contact, and your intention (what you'd like to focus on attracting). Once my spell is finished, you will receive your mini-report the following week. Be on the lookout for an email from me, where you’ll receive the following:

  • A summary of your spell and the process.

  • Suggestions for continuing your healing journey.

Investment: $55.55 CAD

This group spell is for

so that they can call in cash quickly and effortlessly as they please.

women feeling lost in the struggle of making money

to uplevel their beliefs about wealth

Money Spell | The Divine Hippie

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