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10 Ways to Develop Your Connection With Source

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

The journey to developing your connection with Source is beautiful. It involves a lot of trust, patience, and unconditional love. The first step of desire to build a deeper relationship with Source usually comes during the process of self-discovery. We begin to question everything and during this time of confusion, we often seek community. The Universe/Source/God/higher power is the default choice because it is easy for anyone to find faith since it is so natural for us. It is a part of our nature to crave connection with our creator.

You can watch the video or read the written version below.

Why is it Important to Connect With Source?

Developing our connection with source is essential because we are one with the Universe. We are created from this source. Our energies are one along with everything else on this earth. When we tap into this realization it awakens higher consciousness, helping us to see the power we already have within us. We realize our innate power to create our own reality. This increases clarity in all areas of life and increases our intuition. This journey is also incredibly personal so doing so as previously mentions helps you tap deeper into your own inner self. We naturally crave to connect.

Ways to Develop Your Connection With Source

  • Talk to Source

If you could see me when I’m alone, I bet you’d think that I was crazy. But I’m actually talking with Source throughout the day. Doing this is my personal way to first of all balance my throat chakra by using my voice, but to also build my relationship with Source by sharing my thoughts. Personally, I don’t believe in a single person representing source. I more so see it as a collection of different energies. Perhaps some ancestors, my higher self, and the entity of Source itself. Talking to Source looks different every time. Sometimes It’s talking about my day, sharing my desires, or just getting something off my chest. Source always has time for you so use your voice and talk to them!

  • Be mindful

Being in the present moment is an excellent way to connect with source. It’s your chance to slow down and notice all the little things around you. Doing so also helps you to see the true oneness within the universe by seeing the interconnectedness of day-to-day activities. Being mindful can look like doing one thing at a time, taking breaks throughout the day, or living simply.

  • Journal or pray

Journaling and praying are excellent exercises that help you to get out of your mind and express your desires. Whether it's writing it down on paper or verbally speaking to Source asking for your desires, you are balancing your throat chakra by practicing honest communication which in turn creates a stronger connection with the Universe.

  • Play spiritual music

Music has the power to influence the energy in a room within a few seconds. Use this secret weapon to positively influence your energy and raise your vibration to come into alignment. Some examples include worship music if you resonate with religious views, binaural beats, or uplifting songs/playlists (below I've included my own manifesting playlist.)

Important note: since music has this much effect on energy, use this as a reminder to be conscious of the music you are listening to on a regular basis, not just when trying to connect. Is your music keeping you stuck in limiting belief systems? Is your music inspiring you to be your best self?

  • Ask for signs

This is a fun one to do because you get the chance to see how truly creative the Universe is! Need guidance or confirmation? Ask for a sign! And feel free to be specific by asking for a certain delivery such as a color, set of numbers, or unmistakability (i like to ask for billboard-sized signs so my obliviousness doesn't make me accidentally miss it!)

  • Read inspirational books

Much like music, the content we consume greatly affects us. I encourage you to read inspirational books to remind yourself of the power of the Universe. Listen to stories of greatness, tragedy, and compassion to see how life all works out in the end.

  • Breathe intentionally

Sometimes all you need is a deep breath. Whether you are growing increasingly overwhelmed or are in the middle of the workday, I encourage you to stop once in a while and take a deep breath. Just focus on the sensation of air filling your lungs and the gentle release of tension. Notice if you’re holding tension anywhere in your body or are feeling any resistance. Acknowledge it then let it go.

  • Unplug

One of the best ways to connect with Source is by disconnecting from distractions. The endless storm of content has the habit of making us forget about what’s actually important: faith. Try going an entire day without looking at your phone. Or commit to unplugging every night when you get home. Even an hour a day helps you spend time on the things that really matter.

  • Serve others

We have the ability to help others simply by giving our time, resources, or offering kindness. When we divert our attention from ourselves to others, we contribute to creating a more loving society that focuses on healing and kindness. This could look like volunteering, donating items you no longer need, or simply offering a safe space for a friend to vent.

  • Spend time in a way that connects with you

Everyone’s relationship to Source is unique in the same way that we all are. So it is only wise to remind you to spend time building your connection in a way that resonates with you. It might look different than the examples above and that’s okay! It might be spending time with family, going for a walk, or working out. All that matters is that it fulfills you.


Coming to the realization of our oneness with Source is a journey that is beautifully challenging. It makes us question all that we know. But with time, you can step into your power with this realization, helping you to cultivate a truly life-changing relationship that lasts a lifetime.

If you are looking for a guide to help you during this journey, I am here to help. The best place to get started is by downloading my free guide called “the 5 Stages of Unlocking Your Higher Purpose.” This no-commitment guide will give you a rundown of what a spiritual awakening looks like and give you actionable advice for your next step. Download here now.

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