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10 Ways to Supercharge Your Sunday

Sundays are usually seen as simply a transitional day. No purpose except to usher us towards Monday. I would like to change this thinking by showcasing how Sunday is the perfect opportunity to, yes prep for the upcoming week, but to also deeply prioritize your self-care. These are activities that I personally do on Sundays but these are just ideas. Try some that resonate with you and leave the rest behind.

Be sure to let me know in the comment section below, what additions you’re making to your Sunday self-care routine!

1. Do a card reading

There is nothing better than reflecting on the past week and checking in on the energy of the approaching one. Every Sunday I like to do a card reading for the week which helps me assert my focus and prepare for any challenges that could come my way. These readings are done without asking any specific questions so that the Universe can direct my focus towards whatever needs my attention right now. Some weeks I’ll pull one card and another I’ll do an entire spread. I believe it’s best to let this practice be spontaneous.

2. Set an intention for the week

This goes along with my last point. After my weekly card reading gives me direction, I’ll use this guidance to set an intention that I’ll carry throughout the week. A fun option to try is to align your intentions with the moon phases. For example,

Week of the new moon: I am welcoming new opportunities into my life.

Week of the full moon: I am releasing non-beneficial belief systems.

You can also try picking a specific word as your intention instead of an affirmation like above. For example, clarity, peace, productivity, or expansion.

Be sure to write your intention somewhere you will see it frequently so that you are regularly reminded of it.

3. Space clearing

Cleansing the energy of the past week before heading into a new one is a practice that I implore everyone to implement in their lives. By cleansing your physical space, you are making way for what is to come while releasing all that may be holding you back. A space clearing can be done in a few ways:

· Burn ethically sourced sage or Palo Santo

· Do a Salt burn

· Burn a white candle and set the intention of cleansing the space

· Play space clearing music (there are great options on YouTube)

· Clap hands until you feel a release

· Open windows

· Ring a bell until you feel a release

4. Body cleanse

Just as it is important to cleanse your physical space, it is equally important to cleanse your body. You can easily do so while doing some of the more traditional self-care ideas such as taking a bath, exfoliating, doing a hair treatment, or doing a face mask. This is especially important if you are someone who’s busy all week, as you need a well-deserved break. This will also help you cleanse your energy by removing all stagnant and non-beneficial energy, letting love replace all that was there.

5. Make your schedule for the week

Begin by writing in your planner your intention for the week along with a summary of your card reading if you have the space. Then start planning your week ahead. This is the order that I like to plan in

· Work schedule

· Meetings

· Workout plan

· Chores (ex. who’s making dinner when?”)

· Social events

· Hobbies or goals (when will you make time for YOU?)

· For every draining task (such as deep house clean) put something nourishing (ex. pick up from your favorite restaurant on the way home, watch a movie, or go for an extra-long hike). It’s all about balance, baby.

6. Dive deep into your spiritual practice

I don’t know what it is about Sundays but on this day is when I seem to prioritize my spiritual practice the most. This could very well be from the heavy influence of Christianity in society. Although I do occasionally go to a Christian church, on Sundays I also meditate for longer than usual, do yoga classes, journal, or do spellwork. Whatever your spiritual practice looks like to you, try incorporating it into your Sunday self-care routine.

7. Make time for learning

The weekends are the easiest time for me to devote to learning. On Sundays, I’ll do any required reading for my master’s degree or spend time taking a new course. If you are not in school or taking any courses, try these ideas:

· Join a club

· Learn something new

· Watch educational videos

· Watch documentaries

· Read

8. Prep food for the week

Although I don’t meal prep as much I would like, Sundays are a great time to prep in small amounts for the upcoming week. During this time consider creating staples in your kitchen that make cooking easier later. Some ideas to try:

· Make an abundance of rice to add to meals later

· Pre-cut veggies and fruit for easy snacking

· Make overnight oats for breakfast during busy workweeks

9. Journal

I know that journaling is not for everyone but if this is something that you’re interested in, give it a try. Journaling doesn’t have to be high-pressure. It can be simply used as a tool for getting all of your thoughts on paper so that they aren’t overwhelming you.

· Do a brain dump – write down all thoughts you have. This could be in bullet points.

· Talk about your day (even if it was boring)

· Use journal prompts to discuss specific subjects

10. Money date

Now I know that after all we’ve talked about in this article you might be thinking, “whaaaaaaat” when you see a money date on the list. But I am a true believer that financial wellness is an important part of overall wellness. In these modern times, finances are the way we make our way through the world so this is not something that we can ignore, even when it doesn’t have much to do with spirituality.

An idea I heard from Tori Dunlap of Her First $100K is to get real about your finances by having a money date with yourself or your significant other. A money date is a dedicated time where you sit down and take a hard look at your finances. Look at budgeting, your investments, net worth, goals, etc.

I put this idea in this Sunday self-care article because I have a money date with myself every single Sunday. I open my laptop, drink an earl grey tea, and look over my budget. I take note of all my expenses and see how I’m progressing along with my savings goals. This is a matter of self-care for myself. Not only does it help me be in control of my money but it also helps improve my relationship with money. I work through my limiting beliefs systems, see where I might be self-sabotaging (I’m looking at you ‘eating out’ category where I always overspend) and take responsibility for my actions. Yes, it’s not always fun seeing where you can improve but doing this has helped me tremendously as a whole.


Try a few or all of these ideas on your next Sunday. Ask yourself which ideas bring you more into alignment and which make the transition into the next week seamless. The point of this article is to help you create less stress in your life instead of adding more.

Try a few and let me know in the comment section about your experience!

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