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15 Ways to Nourish Your Body, Mind & Soul

Before I sat down to write this article, I pulled a tarot card as I did many mornings before, to ask what I needed to know today. I pulled the card, two of pentacles. This card discusses balance. To find balance in life between work and play, all of your hobbies and interests, and knowing when to strive and when to rest is the key to a happy life.

In this article, I am going to be sharing how to nourish all levels of self, which includes the body, mind, and spirit. True harmony cannot be created unless you prioritize all of these key areas of life. It’s common to focus all of your energy on one whereas you neglect the other two. For example, if you’re a gym enthusiast nourishing your body is a given but nourishing your spirit is a foreign notion. On the other hand, if you’re in academia, nourishing the mind may come easy but nourishing your body is harder.

When beginning to prioritize balance, start by practicing one or two of each area. Reject the need to do ‘all of the things’ in order to succeed. Finally, I want to mention that these are all just suggestions. Feel free to use your own ideas and make it your own!


  • Incorporate Movement Every Day

Movement is essential to your well-being. Notice that I didn’t say exercise here. Movement is the art of being in touch with your body, moving intuitively without the need to account for every minute like exercise. Although movement can be doing a workout routine, it can also be going for a walk, cleaning your house, doing yoga, or dancing with friends during a night out. It’s all just about moving your body in whatever capacity feels good for you. An important thing to note here is that movement is supposed to be intuitive, meaning that your body will require different things at different points in your life. Some days you’ll want to do a long workout, go for long walks, and generally break a good sweat. Other days, you’ll crave slow stretches in bed during commercial breaks while watching TV. Both are essential for your body’s well-being.

  • Practice Intuitive Eating

*I want to put a quick disclaimer here that I am not a health coach, doctor, nutritionist or dietician. I am simply sharing an idea that may not work for everyone. Please don’t feel pressured to try this method as your needs will be different. This point discusses food and diets so please scroll to the next point if you find these topics sensitive.

Intuitive eating is the practice of listening to your body’s needs in relation to what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat. Professionals in the health industry have shared this technique to counter the popular culture of diets. Instead of pressuring yourself to stick to certain diet rules, you can learn to trust your body’s signals to guide you throughout the day. With this method, you can eat the cheeseburger, cookies, and sugary cereal while also staying healthy by creating a healthy balance. Naturally, your body will begin to crave nutritious food because it doesn’t feel that it’s restrictive now. I personally try to live by this method because it lets me eat what I want while also incorporating nutrient-dense food as my body calls for it. You will be surprised how often you crave salads!

Please do your own research or consult a professional before trying this practice.

  • Drink Water

Hydration is truly important to your overall well-being. It protects organs and tissues, aids digestion, supports brain function, and much more. Drinking water Is also a fantastic way to incorporate manifesting practices throughout your day. When I choose my water vessel for the day, I’ll choose a specific intention that will infuse into the water. For example, concentration, peace, etc. Then every time I take a sip, I am reminded of my intention, helping me to focus on what I seek to call into my life. This is an easy way to regularly reaffirm your manifestations and it requires little effort.

  • Give Hugs

Hugs are a powerful way that we connect to ourselves and others. Incorporating more hugs into your life will reduce feelings of loneliness, improve heart health, boost your immune system, and much more.

  • Regularly Cleanse Your Energy

If you have been reading my blog or are subscribed to my YouTube channel you’ll know that I am quite the advocate for regular space clearings. You can physically feel the smoke brushing against your skin and I think there’s something magical about that. Regularly cleansing yourself is a great way to ensure that you are not taking on any non-beneficial energy, thus not letting it build up in such a way that it negatively affects you. Space clearings can be done using sage or Palo Santo.

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  • Seek Support

Having a heavy mind can weigh on you after a while so having a support system is crucial self-care for the mind. This can be friends, family, and/or a therapist. You need someone that you can depend on, who lets you be yourself and encourages you to share your experiences. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself after a long day is to get your thoughts out of your head, which brings me to my next point.

  • Do a Brain Dump

Having a support system is crucial but sometimes you just need to get it out in a private setting. This is where a brain dump becomes useful. This is an activity that can take less than 10 minutes. Grab a pen and paper or your device of choice and begin writing everything that’s on your mind in bullet point form. List your to-do lists, observations, that song you just can’t stop thinking about, all of it. Soon you won’t be able to stop yourself. This will feel like a big release. Take a few moments to decompress then if you want to, you can go through your list and see what needs your attention and what’s irrelevant. From here, you can make a to-do list only containing what’s actually important. I find that this practice increases clarity, concentration, and productivity.

  • Simplify Your Schedule

With so much that goes on in your mind, the last thing that you need is a schedule that isn’t supportive. Get rid of anything that isn’t absolutely necessary or can be delegated to someone else. A strategy that I’ve been using for a while now is that for every draining task I put on my schedule, I put one fulfilling activity. For example, going for a walk, doing a hobby, or spending time alone. This is an easy way to create balance in your life.

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  • Challenge Limiting Belief Systems

I truly believe that your thoughts create your reality so keeping this in mind you can begin to use this knowledge to shape your life in your desired direction. A powerful way to do this is to challenge the limiting belief systems that once held you back. For example, the belief that you are not loveable, that you need to do everything by yourself, or that money is unattainable. Dive deep into these beliefs. Question where they stem from. Then challenge those thoughts every time they come up.

  • Use Affirmations

Another way to shape your reality is to use affirmations to re-program your mind. You can use affirmations for any topic. For example career, self-esteem, beauty, trauma, and more. An effective way to use affirmations in your daily life is to write your chosen affirmation on a sticky note then place it somewhere you’ll see multiple times a day. For me, this is on my laptop.

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  • Create a Spiritual Practice

Having a spiritual practice is crucial to your spiritual journey. This is a way for you to connect to your spirituality every single day and show up to do the work. This practice doesn’t have to be a long routine that you practice every single day. It can be a single or a few activities that only take a few minutes that encourage you to be mindful and tap within.

I talked about this in a reel on Instagram, watch it here.

  • Create a Vision Board

A vision board is a powerful visual tool for manifestation. On a bistrol board or even as a wallpaper on your phone you place affirmations, quotes, and most importantly pictures of the things that you want to manifest into your life. For example, a loving relationship, a tropical vacation, stable income, a healthy body, etc. This practice helps you to visualize your desires on a regular basis.

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  • Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful vibration enhancer. It reminds you that while you may seek more in life (i.e., your manifestations), you should still appreciate what you already have in your life. This not only shows the universe that you are at a high energetic vibration but also that you have room for more in your life. You have successfully surrendered. Practice gratitude by listing things you are grateful for every day. This can be done in your mind (like I do before bed) or by physically writing out a list (such as in a gratitude journal.)

  • Work on Your Relationship with Self

Building a healthy relationship with yourself will in turn nurture every single relationship that you have with others. After all, you can change out relationships in your life, but you can never be without yourself. Begin deepening this bond by learning about your interests, expressing your needs and desires, cultivating a positive mindset, and diving into your shadow work. Befriending yourself will certainly not happen overnight but it is surely worth it to create a safe space that you can always depend on.

  • Work On Your Manifestations

Working on your manifestations is a great way to connect with Source. You acknowledge that you are a powerful creator who has the ability to shape your reality. Try creating a vision board, using affirmations or scripting. Also, work on surrendering after you have declared your desires to make room for it to enter your life.

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Nourishing yourself is a worthwhile endeavor that will greatly impact your life. You will begin to see yourself and the world differently, align with your life purpose, and start seeing real change. I encourage you to incorporate one or more of these practices into your life and document the changes you experience. You will be surprised at how much more aligned you feel.

If you are looking for a guide to help you during this journey, I am here to help. The best place to get started is by downloading my free guide called “the 5 Stages of Unlocking Your Higher Purpose.” This no-commitment guide will give you a rundown of what a spiritual awakening looks like and give you actionable advice for your next step. Download here now.

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