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5 Daily Practices of the Law of Attraction

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

How would it feel to have and be everything that you dream of? The high-paying job? Yours. The loving relationship that sets your soul on fire? Yours. The freedom to travel and live peacefully? Already yours. All is possible once you tap into the power that you already have within you. Introducing the law of attraction- an ancient philosophy that will inspire you to dream big and claim it as yours.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is one of many universal laws. It is the belief that like-attracts-like in the Universe. This means that positive thoughts attract positive circumstances whereas negative thoughts will attract negative circumstances. This has been a foundational belief for spiritual seekers all over the world as it encourages us to raise our vibration as a collective.

5 Daily Practices of the Law of Attraction

Practicing the law of attraction does not have to be an all-consuming belief that infiltrates every aspect of your life. It can be a foundation for your life and be incorporated as simple daily practices. Here are 5 daily practices that you can start today.

  • Practice Visualization

Visualization is the powerful practice of focusing your intention on what you aim to call into your life, be it romantic relationships, a successful career, money, or creative ideas. Start by visualizing what it will look like to have what you desire in your life. For example, see yourself having a successful career. What do you look like? What are you wearing? Who surrounds you? Then dive deeper by tapping into the feeling of your manifestation. How would it feel to be living the life you want? Do you feel at peace, in love, happy or worry-free? Cultivate this feeling as this will be the most powerful intention setter. Since the law of attraction is all about like-attracts-like, by visualizing what you desire you are aligning with its energetic vibration; making it easier for the Universe to bring it towards you.

  • Use Affirmations

Affirmations are a tool that I will never stop talking about in my work. They are a powerful verbal tool that reprograms your thoughts to think more positively. In this case, you can use affirmations to call in what you desire. Essentially you are claiming it to be true and already in your life. For this reason, it’s important that you speak in the present tense because when you set the intention that your desires are already here, it’s keeps it from always feeling slightly out of reach.

TIP: A great way to start your affirmations are with the statement, “I am.”

Affirmations to Try:

  1. I am in a healthy relationship with my soulmate.

  2. I am successful in everything that I do.

  3. Everything comes easily to me.

  4. The Universe is aligning me with my deepest desires.

  5. Money flows to me.

  • Focus On Your Goals

The key to the law of attraction is to spend your time focusing on what you do want rather than what you don’t want. So, an easy practice is to focus on your goals. Have a lifestyle that you want to achieve by a certain age? Want to earn a specific income? Stay focused on your goals and take aligned action to call it into your life. Instead of worrying about all of the things that could go wrong, focus your attention on the things that could go right. Soon enough you’ll begin to see the Universe aligning your life in your favor.

  • Replace Negative Thoughts

Once again, it’s important to direct your thoughts in an intentional way. What do you want in your life? And what do you want less of? Start by looking at your thought patterns. Are there specific thoughts that frequently come up that keep you in a low vibration? For example, the vibration of loneliness, unworthiness, or unloveability. Awareness is the first step to creating real change in your life. Once you catch yourself slipping into non-beneficial belief systems, replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.

For example, replace the thought “I’m too stupid to get that job I want” with “my talents shine allowing me to align with my dream job.”

It will feel difficult at first but like with anything the more you practice the easier it becomes.

  • Declare That It Is Already Yours

Like with affirmations, speaking in the present tense about your manifestations energetically aligns you with the Universe. When you speak about your manifestations, speak as if it’s already yours. When applying for that job, speak as though they are already offering you the position. When you think about love, speak as though you are already in a loving relationship. This removes the worry of it not being possible for you by affirming that whatever is meant for you, will never pass you by.


The law of attraction is a tool that I implore every spiritual seeker to incorporate into their life. It not only aligns you with the Universe but also helps you work through limiting belief systems, encourages positive thinking, and raises your vibration. What you desire, is already yours. As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for a guide to help you during this journey, I am here to help. The best place to get started is by downloading my free guide called “the 5 Stages of Unlocking Your Higher Purpose.” This no-commitment guide will give you a rundown of what a spiritual awakening looks like and give you actionable advice for your next step. Download here now.

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