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5 Ways To Use Winter Magic

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Pile of snow on a leaf
5 Ways To Use Winter Magic

Winter is the time for coziness, hot chocolate, and spending time with family. It is in our biology to spend this time resting to re-center in time for the upcoming new year. But winter is not meant to be a time solely dedicated to being a transitional period.

Winter is an invitation to go within. It also has its own folklore and magic that makes this unique time of year more joyful and prosperous. Today I am sharing some wonderful winter magic that you can incorporate into your everyday life.

Learn about winter magic and how you can incorporate it into your routine. You’ll soon discover the benefits and make the most of the chilly period. Here is everything you need to know about winter magic.

You can watch the video or read the written version below.

What Is Winter Magic?

The enchantment and beauty of winter is magic that you can harness and use to support your spells and rituals. By using the energy of the winter period and introducing the elements that the weather brings you can enhance your divination process.

There is so much wonder and mysticism in winter. As the nights get longer and the air becomes frosty, Gaia speaks to us through the changing season. It is a time of awareness, slowing down, and appreciating the blessings that life has in store for us.

How To Incorporate Winter Magic Into Your Life

The energy of winter is serene, cold, warm-hearted, and still. The essence of this period can be incorporated into your routine in either simple habits or elaborate rituals. Here are some ways that you can use winter magic in your divination practice and daily routine.

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Include Stillness in Your Day

Winter is the time to slow down and see things from a new perspective. Gone are the days of the go-go-go mentality that is experienced all throughout summer. There is less activity during winter and these few precious months of peace should be appreciated instead of being wished away.

Take time to breathe and engage with the moment. Relish the present and drink everything in. Rather than covering away from the cold, layer up and go for a walk in the chill. You can also try mindful hobbies such as crocheting to fill your time.

Use Snow Water

Melted snow water can be used to create magic. This type of water is used for slow working spells which are anything that requires a little extra patience or if the goal is set in the long term. Snow water is used to represent change and endings and so it can be used when you want to create positive situations when you come to the end of a cycle.

Use snow water for spell work and tap into its power. You can infuse a specific intention into it and drink it to bring about what you desire*. You can also use it to cleanse your crystals or you can even clean with it.

*Safety note: Be sure to boil prior to drinking to remove any harmful bacteria and take any other safety precautions.

Cook and Eat With Your Loved Ones

Winter is the time for connecting with others and disconnecting from worldly distractions. Gather your friends and family together and share the love during this season. When you come together, cook your favorite recipes and make delicious magical meals that are sprinkled with positive intentions.

Use ingredients to create spells that are woven within your winter feasts. Be sure to search their metaphysical properties beforehand so you can set your intentions effectively. For example, apples are often used to represent fertility and abundance. This is perfect if you have a loved one that is trying for a baby.

Open up your home and kitchen to the people that are closest to you. Make memories around your dining table and bring in the winter season. As the saying goes, eat, drink and be merry.

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Reflect and Observe

Use this time of solitude to tune into your soul. Think about what you need at this present moment? Consider how you can show up as your best self? This is an incredible time to develop a meditation or yoga practice.

Turn off your electronics, light some candles, and sit in silence. Look back over the past year and see what lessons were important for you. Use your experiences to guide you and show you what steps need to be taken in your life.

When you are still you can receive wisdom from the spirits. Enjoy being alone and allow messages of enlightenment to come to you. This is a period of growth that will shape you into an improved version of yourself.

Experiment With Fire Magic

This type of magic is easily accessible whether you are a beginner or an expert. This form of magic allows you to cast magical spells using the element of fire, specifically a flame. Fire magic can include the act of burning to cleanse or manifest, set intentions, or smudging by using smoke as a cleansing tool.

It can be performed with candles, bonfires, or anything else along those lines. Fire will captivate and entrance you while heightening your magic. It is exceptionally effective and a great way to tap into your potential. The contrast of fire in winter is a powerful force that can change the way that you do magic.


The connection that you have with your craft will vary in strength throughout your life. At one point it will be the strongest it’s ever been before suddenly changing the next month where it will cease to be remembered. By finding clever ways to incorporate magic into your everyday life, regardless of what season it is, you will create the habit of turning to yourself when you need guidance.

In the harshness of winter, you can find warmth and joy in the little blessings that the season brings. Don’t hide away during this time, keep your mind open and cherish the moment. Winter magic has much to offer, the positives are endless.

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5 Ways To Use Winter Magic

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