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6 Activities That Will Refine Your Night Routine

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

I truly believe that the most precious times of our day are right after we wake up and just before we fall asleep. These are times when our guards are lowered, we often feel at peace, and we are more open to changes to our subconscious. Think about how the thoughts you have right when you wake up greatly affect the rest of your day. Or if you are burdened with negative thinking just before bed; your sleep will most likely be disturbed leading to the cycle continuing first thing in the morning. With this in mind, we have the extraordinary opportunity to drastically change our lives by utilizing this time to improve our quality of life. In this article, I’ll be sharing activities you can add to your nightly routine that will make the moments before you fall asleep a time of peace and love.

The importance of ritual

Ritual is the act of a repeated sequence of activities that are done for spiritual or religious purposes. Regardless of whether you identify either as spiritual or religious, having rituals is a powerful opportunity for you to mindfully care for yourself. Additionally, it will create an environment that is nurturing and sacred so that you can feel at peace before going to bed. By creating a ritual before bedtime, you are utilizing this sweet spot to create real change in your life. These activities are listed in no particular order so feel free to use one or all in your personalized routine.

Activities to Do Every Night Before Bed


The goal of this ritual that you are creating is to bring forth clarity in your life so remove all distractions by unplugging at least an hour before going to bed. The timeframe in which you do this greatly depends on your own preference. Some people find better success with less or more time. Unplugging from all devices gives you the space to be undistracted and show up as you are.

Use Lighting Mindfully

The circadian rhythm is our natural sleep-and-wake cycle that consists of 24 hours in a day. The energy of the day varies from hour to hour and our bodies naturally know how to be in this flow. However, with the development of modern technology, we are drifting further and further away from this natural cycle due to lights being kept on later in the evening and using technology right up until the moment we fall asleep. To realign with the natural flow of the Universe, I encourage you to try matching the lighting from the outside. If it’s dark outside, it should be dark inside. If it’s light outside, it should be light inside as well. Avoid fluorescent lighting and embrace living by candlelight. When we follow this way of living, we become more in Intune with ourselves, the earth, and the Universe.


Reflection is a powerful technique that helps us grow from the past and move forward towards a better future. Spend time every evening reflecting on your day or other areas of life. It’s all a very intuitive practice. This can be a time to find the lessons in your experiences, ask for forgiveness to free yourself of self-judgment or ask for help from your spirit team.

meditate or breathe deeply

Taking time to mindfully be in the moment helps promote relaxation, improve spiritual connection and find inner peace. This practice can be done as meditation with a specific goal or intention in mind or can be simply breathing deeply. The more often you do this practice, the deeper you can get into the subconscious brain after you’ve practiced going through the surface levels of the conscious mind (aka everyday thoughts).

intentional skincare routine

Skincare is truly an act of self-love. By adding or improving your current skincare routine, you are prioritizing yourself; overall increasing your sense of self-love. As a witch, my skincare routine has magical intentions sprinkled into it and I have seen marvelous changes in my life from it. For example, when I wash my face, I set the intention that I am washing away all non-beneficial energy. When I apply toner, I am welcoming balance into my life. And finally, when I am applying moisturizer, I am visualizing a barrier of protection surrounding my entire body. All while doing this, I am repeating loving affirmations to myself. This simple routine makes me prioritize my journey of self-love and has significantly altered my thinking to be more positive regarding myself.

Embrace Solitude

As an introvert, I can not recommend alone time enough. But even for my extroverts out there, having scheduled solitude creates sacred space for you to show up simply as you. You don’t need to perform. You don’t need to be influenced by any other energies in the room. This can be a time where you sit in silence, do your favorite activities, or do any of the previously mentioned ideas. The time we spend alone is our opportunity to be without distractions. And by utilizing this time effectively we can do the work towards altering our subconscious minds. Consider reflecting, doing affirmations, or journaling.

As you can see, your spiritual practice does not have to be big, fancy rituals that take up a lot of your time. Often the most powerful moments of your practice will be found in the little moments. In the still moments of the evening, we have the opportunity to positively influence our life by doing activities that will bring us mental clarity, enhance our spiritual connection, and improve our relationship with ourselves.

Which activity will you be adding to your evening routine?

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