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9 Powerful Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Have you ever heard the phrase, “good vibes only?” In this article, we’ll be discussing what in fact is a ‘good’ vibe or vibration and why it’s desirable to have one. Vibration is a scale of energy of various emotions and sensations. Although some practitioners in the spiritual community believe that there is a specific scale comparing, for example, anger to peace to joy to resentment; I like to keep it simple by explaining that love is the highest vibration of all whereas fear is the lowest. In our daily lives, we want to for the most part be in the vibration of love because this means we are in alignment with the Universe. By being in alignment we also experience increased intuition, a deeper connection to self, and have an easier time opening your heart to love. But if you have never heard of vibrations or are simply a beginner to all of this information, you may be asking, “well how do I know what is my vibration?” The answer is simple. Ask yourself: how is your body feeling right now? Are you holding any tension anywhere? If you could explain how you’re feeling in one word right now, what would it be? After you’ve determined whether your current feeling would either be considered love or fear, go ahead and decide whether or not you need an energetic reset!

How To Raise Your Vibration

Drink water (cleansing)

Water is a powerful life force energy. We can go up to two weeks without food but we won’t make it past 3 days without water. Drinking water helps flush out toxins, may help revitalize skin, and supports our overall health. This is why drinking water is an easy way to raise your vibration. By drinking more water, you are physically and spiritually cleansing yourself of all that no longer serves you; making room for positive energy to replace it. A way to amplify this positive energy flow is to infuse your water with a specific intention. A simple way to do this is to repeat an affirmation every time you take a sip.

Do a Space Clearing

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt invisible energy weigh you down? This is a perfect time for a space clearing as they not only raise your own vibration but also the energy of a space. Our home or place of work carries so much energy from all that takes place there: every person and every object’s energy affects the energy of that particular space. After a while, there is a build-up that needs to be dealt with. Space clearings can be done by smudging, doing a salt burn, or energy healing. If there are any other techniques that you know of, please let me know in the comments!

Use Crystals

Crystals are beautiful tools for raising your vibration. Simply holding one for a bit can completely change your energy! Some specific crystals that are known for raising vibrations are white quartz, citrine, chrysocolla, and rose quartz. These are definitely not the only crystals you can use but these are some of the most common and easily accessible. Be sure to always cleanse your crystals with water (only if water-safe) or use visualization before use.


Meditating is the art of deeply focusing on a single thing for a period of time. This could look like focusing on an affirmation, breathing pattern, or a guided meditation track. Meditation is a great practice for raising your vibration because it helps you clear away all non-beneficial energy along with surface-level thoughts of the every day so that you can focus on the present moment. Give it a try even if it’s only for a few minutes. A quick reminder that meditation does not have to be the traditional option of sitting down in a quiet space, it could be done while doing your favorite activity like running, painting, or crocheting.

Express Gratitude

Appreciating what you already have is an excellent way to align with the Universe by raising your vibration. When you need an energy shift, stop for a moment, breathe deeply and think about all that you’re grateful for. Many students enjoy gratitude journaling as well.

Light Candles

Like space clearings, lighting candles can both raise your vibration along with the vibration of a room. Begin by choosing a candle that suits your needs, clear it using visualization (ex. white light filling it up and removing all past energy), then light it while infusing it with the intention of clearing away all non-beneficial energy and raising your vibration.


Stuck energy within the body can easily be released with movement of any sort such as dancing, exercise, running, etc. Next time you need an energetic reset, put on your favorite music and let it all go!

Listen To Uplifting Music

Much like the last point, putting on your favorite music can instantly raise your vibration! Listen to something happy and feel the energetic magic happen. I will caution you to pay attention to the lyrics that you listen to because the energy in a song has a tremendous effect on you. So, be sure that the songs you are listening to when trying to raise your vibration are not promoting energy that you do not wish to take on. For example, a bitter song about a cheating ex.

Do a Card Reading

Doing a card reading helps you to gain clarity about which is the best way for you to raise your vibration. By spending time with a deck of cards and the Universe, you can get clear-cut answers right away. If you’re interested in getting a card reading from me, click here to book your spot!

Raising your vibration is something that you’ll have to do over and over but it serves as a good reminder to be aware of your own energy and that you have the power to change it at any given moment.

What is your favorite way to raise your vibration?

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