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The Ultimate Guide to Achieving True Abundance

Imagine having all that you desire readily available to you. You have the best pick of the crop: the best opportunities, best relationships, and an unlimited flow of money. Sounds like a dream, right? It’s actually more of a reality than you might think. Achieving abundance is possible for every individual on the planet but the path is often hidden from view due to narrow-mindedness. It is common for people to focus too much on the financial aspect, not realizing that true abundance is not selective, it is expansive. True abundance encompasses all areas of life. This includes everything from money to relationships to health. To experience the benefits of abundance one must embrace this energy on all 4 levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. By embracing all 4 levels of being, only then can they access the wealth that the Universe offers.

Physical Abundance

Physical abundance is the main concern to most people: being safe, having enough resources, and being able to take care of themselves. When a client approaches me about working with me as a spiritual guide, usually the first thing they ask if I can focus on bringing them more money. Although wanting more money or obtaining more money isn’t a bad thing, it shouldn’t be the only thing you focus on. Energetically when you focus solely on this one desire or in this case a single level of being, your vibration lowers due to tunnel vision. Abundance is about seeing all that is available to you, even what you might consider to not be worth your time but is actually in your highest good.

Physical abundance relates to not only financial resources but also other earthly desires and your health. Earthly desires may be a bigger house, new car, brand-new toy, etc. Essentially, anything that is from the physical world. To be abundant in this sense, would mean to have the resources to acquire this new stuff: not having to double check your chequing account before buying, not needing to take out expensive loans, and overall having the freedom to do as you please. On the other hand, it also means to be in good health, being in tune with your body, and treating yourself wisely (i.e., eating right, incorporating movement into your routine, etc.) To achieve physical abundance, consider how you interact with physical world. Are you grounded or are your heads in the clouds? Finally, bringing your awareness to the present moment and expressing gratitude for all that you already have, welcomes this energy.

Emotional Abundance

Emotional abundance relates to the ability to be emotionally free from draining situations and unsafe spaces. When seeking abundance on this level, it is important to create sacred space, connect deeply with yourself and surround yourself with nurturing relationships. Start by creating sacred space to graciously welcome vulnerability. Let yourself feel all of your emotions; not holding back or letting shame overwhelm you. Celebrate the abundance of emotions you have within you and see it as a gift that allows you to healthily process life. Creating sacred space could look like having a releasing process you turn to regularly (i.e., Journaling, candle magic, or talking with a trusted loved one). By doing so, you can then connect with yourself on a deeper level by seeing yourself without self-imposed limitations. You can see your vastness and appreciate it for all that it is. After a while you will be able to find meaningful friendships that nurture you. Choose to surround yourself with those who cheer you on, hold you when you cry, and allow you to be vulnerable. Finding true emotional abundance is the act of opening yourself up to the possibilities that lie within you when you allow your true self to shine through.

Mental abundance

Mental abundance is the beautiful expansion of the mind. It is the type of life that is stimulating whether that be from absorbing information from resources, connecting with others or simply learning more about oneself. Mental abundance is a gift from the Universe to stimulate the mind by expanding one’s thinking, showing us the resources available to us, and to present growth opportunities. First of all, stimulation of the mind is found in the little moments in life. An intoxicating stranger shares life advice on the train ride home. A book that completely changes the way you view the world. Often, we get stuck in the desire for everything to remain the same. We think that being comfortable is better than being uncomfortable. But in reality, when we object the expansion of the mind, we stay the same person; forever unevolving. Give yourself permission to find stimulation in the most unsuspecting of places. Mental abundance also comes from easily accessing resources. When we immerse ourselves in the belief of lack, we find it difficult to gain access to what we need: whether that be the tools we need to advance in our careers, problem solving skills to deal with challenges or creative ideas to gain more money. This all stems from a lack of mental abundance. Finally, mental abundance means to also have access to growth opportunities. Since we are in this state of looking for stimulation, we automatically become open to fresh starts which first come as opportunities for growth. This looks like pushing yourself to try something with the knowledge that you will most likely fail, challenging your point of views, or finding a group of friends that push you to grow. Mental abundance is the key to accessing all of the beauty that the universe has to offer.

Spiritual abundance

Lastly, the type of abundance that is most fun to discuss as a spiritual guide because it is what I teach my students is spiritual abundance. Spiritual abundance is composed of three areas: spiritual growth, spiritual connection, and the creation of one’s own reality. First of all, spiritual abundance in the form of spiritual growth greatly resembles mental abundance in the sense that one actively looks for opportunity for growth: anything that Is challenging. A person wants to grow further than their present self, meaning that they don’t feel the need to stay in their comfort zone. Next, spiritual abundance looks like actively working on enhancing one’s spiritual connection. This looks like developing their relationship with their higher self and/or a higher power (i.e., The Universe or God). By doing so, they are also tapping into their own unique powers and developing their intuitive, finding it easier to receive intuitive guidance. Furthermore, when one taps into spiritual abundance, they awaken to the fact that they create their own reality by controlling their own thoughts hence controlling what they attract into their life. Once an individual steps into this power within them, they realize that they have had access to the abundance they have been looking for all along. Spiritual abundance at the end of the day is finding satisfaction within oneself by realizing you had the power within all along.


Achieving the abundance that one desires is a process of creating abundance in all areas of life: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. When there is a balance and appreciation for each of the areas of life, that is when we have achieved true abundance.

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