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Coping and Dealing With Change

Updated: Jun 16

Road ahead on hills surrounded by fall foliage. Blog Post: Guide to Coping and Dealing With Change

Autumn brings a chill in the air, crisp brown leaves that float in the sky, the beginning of a new cycle, and a sign of endings. The close of summer is symbolic and purposeful. As we are in tune with the flow of nature, we too begin our shedding process of releasing all that no longer serves us. We begin to move forward with ease, as we no longer feel the constraints of the past and prepare for the changes that lie ahead.

Change is a divine and ethereal process that encourages us to evolve as spiritual beings. Dealing and coping with change does not have to be a difficult process. It is eased when we master the understanding of the importance of flow, recognize the power in choosing love over fear, and embracing growth.

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The Importance of Flow

Flow is an important aspect of life, It keeps us moving forward. It is the rhythm of our existence much like the continuous beating of a heart. Without flow, life would not be worth living as everything remains the same, preventing us from experiencing progress and development. We would stay stagnant, experiencing the same thoughts and engaging in the same actions.

Flow keeps life interesting. Change can be frightening as it is unpredictable in the sense that the outcome is never disclosed. However, by being in tune with the universe, we can effortlessly move in harmony with the events that are yet to come. We can accept change as it comes while simultaneously appreciating the present moment.

To become in tune with flow, we must balance the sacral chakra which is the center of life. Another important tip is to stay present throughout the day and maintain this by practicing mindfulness. By being in the present moment, we begin to see that changes in life are natural and something to look forward to rather than fear.

Choosing Love Over Fear

When dealing with change we must make a decision. One must determine whether they are going to stay in the vibration of fear or elevate to the vibration of love. At the end of the day, there are only two vibrations in the universe, there is the highest vibration of love and then there is the lowest vibration of fear. Every other frequency falls somewhere in the middle such as anger or joy.

When we live in fear, we are held back from moving forward as we are essentially stuck in time. We are trapped alongside our limiting belief system and our old ways of life. When we encounter change in its many forms, ie; the ending of a romantic relationship, changing careers, or simply evolving to a higher level of consciousness, we are challenged and have the opportunity to escape the prison that is fear.

We have a choice. When we are faced with change we must choose whether to resist it out of fear or can take a leap of faith and focus on love. Tapping into love guides us to make easier transitions by calming the soul, encouraging acceptance, and gaining clarity to help see the lessons gained from the experience. Love is the natural state of the Universe so by consciously staying in this frequency; we are staying in flow.

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Embracing Growth When Dealing With Change

Evolution is a natural part of life, as is flow. Yet when fear takes over, holding us captive in our own prison, we reject the natural state of being, causing us pain and suffering. In order to effectively accept change, we must consciously choose growth and move forward.

Although the Universe is certainly not opposed to using force in order to shift things in our lives, no matter how much it is used, nothing will ever truly change until we make an active decision to allow change to take place. We cannot choose growth while not taking any required action.

In order to help us welcome change into our life, we must take action. By using affirmations we can surrender to what is to come and feel safe with the knowledge that everything will be alright. Affirmations are designed to rewire our mindset and shift limiting beliefs and fears that are holding us back.

These powerful statements can help us to embrace change and align with flow:

● I am at peace with my past.

● I am in love with my present.

● I am excited about my future.

● I choose to be happy. I choose love.

● I face challenges with strength.

● I believe in myself and I trust the magical power of the universe.

Using affirmations re-programs our mind and shifts it from the vibration of fear to love. Working on our subconscious mind is one of the most important steps in encouraging transformations to take place in our belief system. We should take a personal approach to work out where our areas of improvement lie and work from there.

This can range from identifying and working through our fears, understanding our triggers, or learning healthy self-care techniques. Choosing growth and embracing forward movement is rarely an overnight change. It requires patience for us to reach a level where we feel truly ready to confront change. As long as we are willing to get started then the rest fall into place.

Change is equally heartbreaking as it is joyous. All we have the power to do is to appreciate it and accept it for its mysterious complexities. Change can be mastered through understanding its natural state of flow along with accepting wholeheartedly the choice is love and growth.

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We cannot avoid change, all we can do is work with it and take a positive approach to deal with it. Ultimately it is not the actual events that impact us but more so our reaction to them. We can choose to be optimistic rather than sad and hopeful as opposed to feeling discouraged.

As co-creators and spiritual beings, we have the power to make change work in our favor. Positivity will always win over negativity and love conquers fear. It is up to us to be intentional about what we choose to entertain.

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The Spiritual Practice of Coping With Change

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