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How To Do Cozy Magic

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

White blanket with holly stems surrounding lit candle
How To Do Cozy Magic

Magic is often believed to be a strict and serious practice that is drenched in historic traditions and rules. The truth is that magic is a practice that is unique to every individual who practices it. There is no one way to be a witch nor is there a standard process for performing magic.

Magic itself does not need to be done in a certain way for you to see results. Magic is found in the smallest moments that are filled with the deepest intentions. What I refer to as ‘Cozy Magic’ is magic that is done during intentional moments of stillness, in such a way that it soothes our spirit.

Finding Stillness and Creating a Safe Space

The main factor of Cozy Magic is the tranquility and quietness that it is based around. It is the art of unplugging, disconnecting, and simply being in the present moment. This in theory is an accessible practice but few have successfully mastered the art of being still.

To help you find this state, you need to create an environment that is both calming and comforting. Brew a warm beverage, wear your coziest pajamas, surround yourself with furry blankets, and do something relaxing.

Ambient lighting is equally important and as most witches, like myself, love to light as many candles as possible. If you don’t like burning candles, consider using fairy lights or led candles. Once you have created a space that feels nourishing to the soul, settle into the energy of stillness. Unplug from electronics. Focus on your breathing. Meditate. And take in your surroundings.

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Try Thes Cozy Magic Spells

When thinking of Cozy Magic, I associate it with self-love spells, home magic, and kitchen magic. The warm, comforting and peaceful element of its power will make you feel soothed and refreshed. Below are some of my favorite spells that you can try out for yourself.

A Peace Beverage


● A warm beverage of your choice

● A spoon

Grab your favorite mug, turn on your kettle or fill up your pot and brew your favorite warm beverage. Use a spoon to add your ingredients one by one and connect with their magic. Once they are added, stir in a clockwise manner to invoke peacefulness.

Finally, repeat to yourself, “I am peaceful” three times while stirring. From this point, you can now sip and enjoy! This will make you feel good and calm your senses. You will feel the benefits immediately.

Drinking your peace beverage will warm you up from the inside and fill your spirit with magic. As you take it in you will feel more harmonious and aligned with your greatest good. The power of cozy magic is embedded in your beverage and can be experienced when you ingest it.

Create a Spell Jar

Creating a Spell Jar and keeping it on display is a simple way of creating welcoming vibes in your home. Your Spell Jar is completely customizable to suit your needs and preferences. To create a protection Spell Jar that will deflect negativity and prevent people with bad intentions from entering your home you need to know what ingredients to use.

I have collated some of the most powerful items that you can use for your home magic. They can help you to create the right atmosphere in your sacred space and invite in more positivity. Try adding these objects to an empty vessel to create your Spell Jar.

● Salt for cleansing

● Black or red crystal for groundedness such as black tourmaline or red jasper

● Pine needles for healing

● Rosemary for cleansing and protection

● Eucalyptus for releasing negativity

● Lavender for peace

Once you have gathered what you need and have added them to your jar you can seal it with black candle wax. This represents psychic protection and power. Place it in the family room or by the front entryway to maintain balance and good energy throughout your home.

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Practice Candle Magic

The warm glow of a candle is enough to fill your heart with joy and help you to feel at peace within yourself. In addition to it creating the right ambiance that lifts your soul, it is also used to help with manifestation rituals. When you incorporate candles as part of your cozy magic routine you can set your intentions and create an environment that is nurturing to your soul.

The color of your candle dictates the influence that it has over you. Colors are connected to certain energies and have specific meanings. Choose a candle that works for your needs and helps you to feel content and snug.

Here are the many meanings of candle colors (they might mean something different to you and that is perfectly okay! Work with what feels best for you.):

White: It is known to purify and cleanse with its gentle hue.

Black: luxury and psychic protection is the power that black holds.

Green: This is a prosperous color and is used to evoke healing.

Blue: Peace and serenity are felt by those that use this color.

Yellow: friendship, happiness, and joy.

Red: sex, passion, and fiery encounters are represented by this color. It is known to be powerful.

Pink: This color promotes love and romance.

Purple: Spirituality, psychic powers, and creativity.

Orange: This is an ambitious color that draws in opportunities and boosts your drive.

Brown: This is connected to your health, possessions, energy, pets, and courage.

As you light your candle, focus on feeling good and tap into the comfortable sensation of cozy magic. Release your tension, set your intention, slip on some comfy clothes and bask in the glow of your candle.


Cozy magic is exactly what you need when you feel like winding down and settling down. When the whirlwind of life gets too much you can always count on this form of witchcraft to get you through the day. This is especially effective when the weather gets cooler and the days seem to drag on.

Use these spells to make you feel safe and experience all of the blessings that it has to offer. It will change your life, I guarantee it!

If you are looking for a guide to help you during this journey of using magic to transform your life, I am here to help. The best place to get started is by downloading my free guide called “the 5 Stages of Unlocking Your Higher Purpose.” This no-commitment guide will give you a rundown of what a spiritual awakening looks like and give you actionable advice for your next step. Download here now.

How To Do Cozy Magic

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