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The Emotional Wound of Shame

Have you ever felt completely consumed by shame? Every day your mind reminds you of past trauma and whispers that you’ll never be good enough. I get it. I’ve been there too. This is a sign that you have an emotional wound.

An emotional wound is an energetic wound in your soul that keeps you in the vibration of a specific emotion, in this case, shame. Emotional wounds are brought on by an event or a series of events that invoked the feeling but were never fully processed for whatever reason. Emotional wounds make it hard to move on or heal because they entangle you in limiting belief systems and fear.

In this article, I will be discussing the emotional wound of shame, where it stems from, how it shows up in your life, and its connection to the solar plexus chakra.

What Is Shame and Where It Stems From

Shame is an emotion on the fear side of the vibrational spectrum. It encompasses the energy of humiliation; the feeling of doing something wrong or embarrassing then constantly reliving it. Everyone has felt shame, specifically during childhood. For example, the time you tripped in front of your first crush and everyone laughed.

This feeling directly impacts your confidence and success in all areas of life. This leads to never feeling worthy of good things. Feeling unworthy can then transform into an inability to forgive yourself and others. This is common after you made a mistake and hold it over your own head. The emotional wound of shame takes away your power because you are living in the past which keeps you from being able to move forward. It is a deep-rooted emotion that can affect all areas of life if left unnoticed for too long.

Journal Prompt: What is your first memory of shame?

How Shame Shows Up In Your Life

Shame shows up in your life in various ways. First off, it shows up as shame about sexuality. Since shame directly affects your confidence, your sexuality is usually the first area of life that is hit. When you feel unsure about yourself and where you stand in the world, having a healthy relationship with sex becomes difficult since it requires vulnerability. This makes it challenging to see yourself as a human being with sexual needs or to connect with others. Sex is a natural part of life but when shame is associated it destroys your self-confidence. Creating judgment about your needs leads to all of your needs being criticized.

Secondly, shame also affects your success in life. Once again, when you feel unsure and unworthy of good things you will subconsciously self-sabotage your opportunities to become successful. For example, you may not apply for promotions or your dream job because you don’t feel worthy of the paycheck, the status, or the responsibilities. Or you may avoid working towards your goals because you believe they are utterly unachievable. This limiting belief system sabotages your chances for change.

Finally, the emotional wound of shame often pressures you to accept less than you deserve because of the feeling of worthiness. You may stay in abusive relationships, continue to let people walk all over you or people-please. Deep within this habit of accepting less than you deserve, you subconsciously believe that you are not worthy of anything better so you might as well hold onto what you already have, even if it makes you miserable.

Shame shows up in your life in a lot of ways. Try out this journal prompt by Jennifer Nurick to dive deeper into your emotional wound.

Journaling prompt: How did shame become a part of your inner dialogue?

Shame’s Connection to the Solar Plexus Chakra

The chakras are 7 energy centers found within the body that each have their own correspondences and effects on various areas of life. I won’t dive too deeply into this information because I have an entire course dedicated to this.

Shame is directly linked to the solar plexus chakra, the energy center of inner power, self-esteem, and self-love. To have a balanced chakra means to have energy that is in harmony in this area of life. Whereas, an unbalanced chakra means that the energy is in chaos. When you have an emotional wound of shame, it is the perfect example of an unbalanced solar plexus chakra.

To balance this chakra and to effectively heal this emotional wound, dive deep into your wound to learn about it. Try to figure out where it stems from, how it has affected your life so far, and what action steps your higher self is guiding you to take.

I have included in this article 3 journal prompts by Jennifer Nurick to do just that. Check out their entire article for more prompts about investigating shame.

Journal Prompt: When you feel shame, what do you do?


The emotional wound of shame is common for women around the world. We have been told to hold onto our shame and let it rot within us. Understand that nothing is wrong with you, you simply need to learn how to effectively process these emotions as you were never taught. Begin your healing journey by becoming curious about shame. Ask questions and be open to the answers. Your soul has been yearning for this moment for years.

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