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How To Get In Touch With Your Body

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Creating a deep bond with your body seems to not be an easy task in our modern society. One minute you’re told that you’re uniquely beautiful then the next you’re too fat, too skinny, too bland, too scandalous, etc. It’s like we can never win, right? But what if you could skip past all of their judgment and create a deep connection with your body, just as you are. I have worked with women all over the world to boost their self-esteem by increasing self-love using readings, intuitive healing, and spellwork. My area of expertise is to help them connect with the Universe on a spiritual level to combat self-esteem issues. I help them to find the root cause of their issues and create practices that are deeply nourishing. In this article, I will be sharing 10 practices that will help you to get in touch with your body and finally stop holding yourself hostage in your own mind.

10 Ways to Get In Touch With Your Body

1. Intuitive Yoga

As a yoga teacher, I can never recommend yoga enough. I personally don’t agree with the use of yoga strictly for physical use. Yoga is a spiritual practice that deepens your connection to yourself and the Universe so that’s why I am sharing it today. It is a great way to incorporate movement into your day and it also brings you into the present moment.

I recommend intuitive yoga specifically in this article because intuitive yoga has no direction and you can follow your body’s needs as they come. If you want to spend the entire time doing floorwork, do so. Or if you want to just do balancing poses, go for it. That’s why intuitive yoga is so versatile for everyone because you can practice getting in touch with your body and what you’re called to do. And the best part, you don’t even need to have any yoga experience. You can move in any way you want. If you’re not sure what to do, start with some basic stretches such as child’s pose, savasana or forward fold then let your intuition guide you to the next pose. Take it one asana at a time.

2. Breathwork

Breathwork is something recently that I myself have dived into. This practice is a refreshing change from traditional meditation or mindful breathing as it challenges you to use specific breathing patterns for various benefits. If you have a hard time meditating for long, give breathwork a try and you will immediately see a difference in your body. Breathwork is known for energizing, creating body awareness, and increasing mental clarity. It also helps you to move through tough emotions.

On the insight app, a free meditation resource (not sponsored) I frequently use this practitioner, Bree Melanson's, 17-minute breathwork meditation. It is a game-changer. Afterward, I always feel instantly refreshed and my heart feels lighter.

3. Mirror Work

Mirror work is the practice of looking at yourself in a mirror and doing self-love exercises. These activities could be repeating affirmations, sensual dancing, or simply gazing at your body. Something as simple as looking at yourself in the mirror proves to be a challenge for most on their self-love journey. When this is the case, this lets you know that somewhere within you is a deep sense of disgust regarding oneself.

So, start off easy by doing only 5 minutes. Then build into a longer practice of 20 minutes or more. The purpose of mirror work is to create a sacred space where you can look at yourself comfortably without judgment and accept yourself as you are. Once you begin, you might start picking at your flaws but backtrack by replacing each negative thought with a positive one. For every dig you make at your body, replace it with a compliment. Using affirmations makes it easy to do so. Below I’ve listed some to try:

· My body deserves love

· I honor my body as it is

· I am enough

· I appreciate all that my body does for me

· The shape and size of my body does not define me

· I radiate beauty

· My body is allowed to change

4. Sensual Dancing

As a former dancer, I cannot recommend dancing enough to support you during your journey to confidence and body awareness. Making dancing a regular practice in your life gives you time to move in any way that your body is calling to you without judgment or fear. Put on your favorite music and let your body show you the way. To add a little spice if you feel comfortable, practice sensual dancing. This can look like moving your hips, rubbing your body, or playing with your hair. I love to practice sensual dancing in the mirror. It might feel a little silly at first but soon enough it feels magical. It awakens this deep inner knowing that you are a goddess who is sensual and beautiful. And that is magnificent.

5. Self-Massage

It’s not very often we touch ourselves. As a society, we have a fear that touching ourselves or touch in general means that we’re perverted. In reality, healthy touch is key to high self-esteem and overall good health. Studies have actually proven that we need touch to thrive. And when we are depleted of it, it affects cognitive function. To ease into comfortability with touch, practice self-massage. Use some of your favorite lotion or proper massage oil and massage all over your body.

If you feel discomfort touching a specific area, ask yourself where does this stems from? What emotions are coming up? This will surely give you some answers hidden from you before.

6. Body Awareness Meditation

Getting in touch with your body involves creating awareness about its needs. Sometimes you have to actively develop those skills as you were never taught to even ask what your body’s needs are. Doing a body awareness meditation is fabulous for practicing the language of your body. In as little as 10 minutes you can discover where you are holding tension, what emotions need to be acknowledged, and what your body needs most to thrive. There are some great meditations available for free on YouTube.

7. Honor Your Monthly Cycle

As a woman, our bodily functions are dismissed. We are never taught how to understand the deep intricacies of our bodies. Instead, we are shoved feminine hygiene products with pretty wrappers and told ‘"buy this but don’t tell anyone that you use any of it.” Last month I completed a 90-day hormone program that helped me to understand my menstrual cycle, my hormones, and how to use this understanding to create a balanced life.

This is not sponsored, however, if you are getting started on your journey and are wondering how your hormones affect you as a woman, I recommend working with Grace in her online program. She is fabulous and was a wonderful contribution to my life as a support team. Check out her website.

8. Sex Magic

Another form of touch that is healthy to practice is masturbation. Now I am not a sex coach but I am a witch. Sex magic is the use of pleasure and orgasms for manifesting. How it works is that as you experience pleasure by yourself or with a partner, visualize what you desire. Feel it as yours. Claim it as yours. And as you orgasm use that burst of universal life force energy as a tool to manifest your dreams into reality.

I recommend sex magic to anyone that is not only looking to manifest but to also improve their relationship with themselves. By doing this, you are affirming that pleasure is your birthright and it is not shameful to have sex. There is so much stigma around sex and without even realizing it, even the most sex-positive person in the room has a stigma around sex that they can work through. Learn that you deserve pleasure and use it for your manifesting practice.

9. Practice Gratitude For Your Body

The simple act of gratitude has the power of aligning you with the Universe and attracting your desires effortlessly into your life. Begin your gratitude practice by expressing gratitude for your body. Your body is a vessel in the 3D world that does so much for you. It fights infections, keeps you safe, and loves you no matter what. It truly deserves more recognition!

An easy practice to get started with is to list 3 things every day that you love about your body. Maybe it’s a specific feature that you like or it’s the fact that it keeps you alive. Your body has been waiting for years to experience the same unconditional love it gives to you. Start telling it how much you appreciate it.

10. Honestly Be Curious About Your Body’s Needs

Finally, being curious about your body’s needs is a fantastic way to get in touch with your body. Sometimes communication between you and your body is blurred. You don’t yet know the language of your body so opening up this line of communication by simply being curious opens the door to discovering your body’s hidden needs. This can look like regularly checking in with your body (for example, are you holding any tension anywhere?) and developing your intuition. This is a practice that will be so unique to you so be open to the possibilities.


Getting in touch with your body is one of the most beautiful journeys you will ever go on. It opens the door to a deeper understanding of yourself and a deeper connection to the Universe. It is certainly a journey to developing self-love for your body but by prioritizing your practice, your path will begin to unfold before you soon enough.

Do you want support on your self-love journey? As an intuitive reader, I offer a self-love reading catered to tuning into your body’s needs and letting you know what steps to take to create a deep, nurturing relationship with yourself.


  • What are your strengths & weaknesses when it comes to self-love

  • What is blocking you from receiving love on all levels

  • How to overcome those blocks and welcome more love into your life

  • How to practice self-love in your everyday life

Are you ready to hear the answers you’ve been waiting for for years? Book your reading now.

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