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The Secret Pleasure of Magical Housekeeping

Updated: Jul 26

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How to use witchcraft in the home | Kitchen Witch

As a busy woman, cleaning can fall to the last of my priorities. With so much happening in my life, the last thing on my mind is to clean what should have been done weeks ago. On the other hand, my spiritual practice is prioritized above all else. In fact, a key part of this practice as a witch is to incorporate magic into my everyday life. This is why I started introducing magic into my housekeeping routine and now it has become one of my favorite parts of the week. The connection between the two has made it easy for me to continue my devotion while also getting some much-needed housework done.

Whether you are a witch yourself or you simply enjoy spirituality, you too can create a routine that will not only satisfy the needs of your home but help you feel more connected to your practice.

What Is Magical Housekeeping?

Magical housekeeping is the practice of witchcraft during domestic tasks such as cooking and cleaning. This is one of the more realistic sides of life as a witch. I am not always doing complicated rituals or spellwork. Most of my magical workings happen during small moments throughout the day. So that's why magical housekeeping is such a soothing practice- it encourages you to be more intentional, even in the mundane moments.

In this vlog, I share my typical cleaning routine as a witch. Watch it here. >>

Being more intentional while you clean doesn't have to take up a lot of your time. It's as simple as stating your intention before washing the dishes, repeating affirmations as you fold laundry, and doing a space clearing once a month. After all, a magical life is not always made up of magical adventures but little moments of brilliance.

The Secret Pleasure of Magical Housekeeping

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