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What Is Magnetism? And Why Should You Care?

Updated: Jul 26

What Is Magnetism? And Why Should You Care?

There is a universe of power, love, and prosperity ingrained within you. This universe holds the secret to playing with life, attracting your desires effortlessly, and making life easy. Yes, life does not have to be hard. Often, our own way of thinking makes life much harder than it needs to be. This universal power is what I like to call your inner magnetism. It is your born ability to be magnetic to everything you desire.

In this blog post, I’ll go into further detail about the concept of magnetism, what it looks like in your daily life, along with how to use it.

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What is Magnetism?

Magnetism is the unique ability to use your charm to attract whatever you desire. This could be attention from others, admirers, opportunities, and more. I imagine magnetism being the ability to make anyone fall to their knees simply because of your existence. It’s walking into a room and commanding respect and attention. It’s the second you decide that you are looking for new opportunities; people come falling at your feet just dying to offer you assistance. It’s becoming so magnetic to the blessings of the Universe that every day feels like you’re playing life on easy mode.

Stepping into my magnetism has helped me realize my own power and stop looking outside of myself for influence. I AM THE INFLUENCE. I don’t have to wait for anyone else to give me permission to make big moves toward my desires; I simply claim them. Magnetism is freeing. It’s vivacious. It’s being one with the Universe. It’s a power that every woman holds within, including you.

What Does Magnetism Look Like In Your Everyday Life?

When you activate your magnetism, daily life becomes a game of asking for what you want, then getting really good at receiving it. It’s like you’ve become a magnet to all that you desire from the Universe. It seems as though you snap your fingers and bam! It's in front of you. It’s craving a coffee from Starbucks then you get a call from your friend asking if they can treat you to a coffee at lunchtime. When you repeat affirmations to yourself in the morning while applying your moisturizer, they actually feel true because they are the second you decide they are. Magnetism is being so sexy that people passing almost break their necks to look at you. You are glowing from the inside out and it shows. When you feel good, you look good. Magnetism is no longer having stress be a part of your vocabulary because you fully trust in the way things always work out for you. You sit back and fully receive.

“Imagine yourself as a magnetic person who always attracts great experiences, unlimited opportunities, and good news. Believe that you’re just naturally blessed all the time.” -unknown
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The Number 1 Way to Tap Into Your Magnetism

Tapping into your magnetism comes down to acknowledging your inner power. It’s taking radical responsibility for the life you’ve created (the good and the bad). Looking honestly at how you’ve played small in the past; how you’ve accepted less than you deserve in your relationships, compensation for your work, etc; and taking inventory of your thoughts to see which are holding you back from asking for what you truly want. It’s making an inventory of everything that is and isn’t working, then releasing what’s not serving you and turning up the volume on everything that is. Your inner power is the root of your soon-to-be success story. It is this belief in yourself that will transport you into the reality you seek. You already have the power of magnetism within you. It’s already yours. It’s your time to claim it!

Magnetism is a powerful ability within each of us that few actually tap into. It can be used to completely shift your reality by claiming your desires and letting the Universe do the work for you, as it was designed.

The process of activating your magnetism is something I work on extensively with my 1:1 clients.

If you are desiring a delicious life that feels easy, fun, and where opportunities flow effortlessly, know that you’re not alone. You can have this.

I am offering a limited number of free Magnetism Magic calls where together we will uncover one mindset block that is preventing you from being magnetic. By getting to the root cause of what blocks you from tapping into this energy, you can then re-write the script and become truly magnetic. You can book your call with me here. I look forward to supporting you to step into your magnetism and start creating the life you desire.

What Is Magnetism? And Why Should You Care?

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