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Top 5 Mindset Blocks That Prevent You From Becoming Magnetic

Updated: Jul 26

Top 5 Mindset Blocks That Prevent You From Becoming Magnetic
"If you were presented with the opportunity, it’s meant for you. It wouldn’t have shown up in your life if it didn’t belong to you."

Last week on the blog we discussed the art of magnetism. And if reading about that concept made you flinch, there’s a possibility that there’s a mindset block within you that is resisting magnetism. Ask yourself why that concept feels difficult for you. The moment you are triggered is an excellent opportunity to heal something because the first step to massive change begins with understanding what is standing in your way. Once you know the block that is preventing you from becoming magnetic, you can heal it.

Mindset Block #1: Fear of the Journey Being Hard

Whenever there’s an opportunity to evolve it can be easy to fall into the fear of the process being difficult. You begin to question, "Am I strong enough to do this?’" Then you question whether this journey is meant for you, “Am I sure that activating my magnetism is something I actually want to do?” While it’s a good practice to check in with your desires; I always share that if you were presented with the opportunity, it’s meant for you. It wouldn’t have shown up in your life if it didn’t belong to you. This fear of the journey is hard prevents you from taking the first step because it all seems impossible at the end of the day.

Mindset Block #2: Fear of Being Seen

Often, the first thing that comes up when you are first introduced to the concept of magnetism is the innate desire to attract attention (meaning to be seen.) Whether that’s to be admired, acknowledged, or to grab the attention of others. We as humans (and I believe as women especially) want to be seen and appreciated. And when confronting that desire, it can feel scary. It can be guilt-inducing because ‘who am I to want attention??’ Once you acknowledge your desire to be seen then it’s the act of being seen that feels scary. Often, worries of criticism from others arise. This can also evolve into the fear of being punished. This fear of being seen prevents you from taking up space.

Magnetism Magic Call: Mindset Block Discovery

Mindset Block #3: Fear of Being Punished For It

As a child, did you ever hear or have been told, ‘It’s so annoying that you/other kid is so attention-seeking”? From an early age, you’ve been told that attention-seeking is bad. This means that having a strong presence that makes you magnetic, might make you feel uneasy. The truth is that everyone needs attention in order to thrive. Look at kids who act out. There is a reason why they feel that that is the only way to get the attention they deserve. You are allowed to take up space. You are allowed to have a presence that doesn’t need to be ‘toned down.’ This fear of being punished forces you to play small and be trapped in guilt.

Mindset Block #4: Fear of Change

Comfort zones are comfortable for a reason. They don’t require much of you because it constantly stays the same. So the idea of change can seem terrifying, especially when it comes to actively changing the way you show up in your life. Think about it: explaining your new boundaries, holding yourself to a higher standard, or starting to capture attention when in the past that felt unachievable. This fear of change prevents you from taking action.

Mindset Block #5: Fear of Success

You’ve probably heard the term ‘fear of failure’ but did you know that there is also a fear of success? I see this a lot with my clients (and in the past within myself), the fear of everything working out as you hoped or even better. It seems silly but your mind can frame your desirable outcome (ie. being magnetic) as something that’s scary and not what you truly want, in order to protect you. This fear says ‘What if it all goes away?’, “What if I’m not enough to keep it?”, and “I’m so used to my current way of life that is miserable and I don’t know how to live without that.” This fear of success prevents you from giving 100% to your efforts as a way to self-sabotage.

The Secret to Embracing Change By The Divine Hippie

Which mindset block speaks to you?

By getting to the root cause of what blocks you from tapping into this energy, you can then re-write the script. From there, nothing is stopping you from evolving into the magnetic and powerful you are meant to be.

Need help to discover which mindset block is hurting you the most? I am offering a limited number of free Magnetism Magic calls where together we will uncover one mindset block that is preventing you from being magnetic. You can book your call with me here. I look forward to supporting you to step into your magnetism and start creating the life you desire.

Top 5 Mindset Blocks That Prevent You From Becoming Magnetic

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