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How I Regularly Manifest Saving Money

How I Regularly Manifest Discounts And Savings

There’s nothing I love more than basking in the abundance the Universe has to offer.

This happened to me this weekend while shopping for kitty litter for my cat Spooky. Before walking into the closest PetSmart, I declared that I wanted a significant discount. In my mind, I settled on 20% off or more. I have played with this multiple times before and received 10% off (around $2). Now this was good but I wanted to play with bigger numbers.

So I walked in, found my-go litter, and saw there were no promotions. No 10% off. No aisle coupons. Nothing.


I chose not to let this mean anything. There is abundance all around me. I shuffled to the side and looked through my emails to see if PetSmart had sent me any coupons. Nothing.


I am choosing at this point to not make this mean anything about myself or my manifestation. Nothing is set in stone.

I take my kitty litter to the checkout. The cashier asks for my loyalty account information. I give it to her. She rings me up, turns to me, and says, “You have $5 in savings on your account. Would you like to use it?”

Magnetism Magic Call With The Divine Hippie

Yes. Yes I would.

Manifestation requires you to have faith even when it looks like it isn’t going to happen. I could have seen that there were no discounts on the price tag and gave into thoughts like

“See? I knew this wouldn't work.”

“It’s so embarrassing I even tried this.”

“Good things like that don’t happen to someone like me.”

It is so easy to get pulled into a negative spiral when you get triggered by feelings of lack. This is common because we as a society have been programmed to think there is never enough.

It was a conscious choice to not make the slight hitch in my plan mean anything about me or my ability to manifest. I chose to continue believing. I zeroed in on the feeling of gratitude.

Here's another story. Last month when I was creating my budget, I couldn't help but jump into the negative thinking of "there's never enough." I'm in the process of moving through a lot of money blocks.

"There's never enough money"

I began to panic because I hadn't saved as much as I would have liked.

So what did I do? I sat with my trigger for a moment and realized that I had more than enough for the bills I needed to pay and I did save some money (just not as much as I was hoping.)

Magnetism magic calls with the divine hippie

From that moment, I reflected on what I could do with the money that I had. I expressed gratitude for the car insurance payment ready to go, the money saved for gas, and the fun money I put aside.

I shifted even further by expressing gratitude for the money soon to be coming in. There's always more money coming in. There's always more opportunities. After a few moments, I could think of five different ways money was scheduled to come into my life.

I started to see my vision open because I escaped that fear mode of "there's never enough."

The moral of this story is that when you get triggered, try to shift into gratitude. What are you grateful for in this situation? Because often there is at least one thing. In the aisle of PetSmart, I expressed gratitude for the fact my cat's litter was always available and that I had received discounts multiple times in the past. That is worth celebrating!

Learning how to deal with triggers is about continually shifting your energy into a state of abundance so that you can easily manifest not just receiving money but also saving money.

This is what we discuss in my Magnetism Magic Calls. We get to the root cause of why manifesting feels difficult because it's so much more than just the act of receiving. We identify triggers that are keeping you stuck and are preventing you from manifesting. We focus on helping you get grounded and realize that you already have everything you need within you. Let's chat! Book your free call with me here.

I invite you to play around with manifesting discounts the next time you're shopping or going out to eat. Have fun with it!

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