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Want to Manifest Your Soulmate? Now You Can.

Attracting one’s soulmate seems to be on everyone’s mind. We spend our days fantasizing about one day finding that special person who makes you feel safe, heard, and seen. The good news is that you don’t have to wait any longer. You have the power to attract your soulmate into your life right now by taking a few steps in the right direction. After all, your thoughts create your reality so when you start making changes subconsciously, you will begin to see physical results. Are you ready to let your soulmate come into your life?

*These tips are listed in no particular order.

Get Clear About Your Ideal Partner

When manifesting love, it's easy to get so caught up in the promise of that special someone that you don’t pay attention to the actual person coming into your life. This is an example of being in love with the idea of love. This is why it's important to be clear about what you are seeking in a partner to avoid accidentally manifesting someone that you are not compatible with on any level.

I suggest writing out a list of all of the qualities you are searching for in a partner. Now is the time to BE SPECIFIC. Think about personality traits.

Do you want them to be creative? Adventurous? Spontaneous? Dependable? Punctual?

Also, consider their values and morals.

Do you want them to value family traditions? Do you want them to want or not want kids? What relationship do you want them to have with their family? Close? Amicable?

Think about physical appearance as well.

Does height matter to you? Do you like brunettes or redheads? Do they have tattoos or piercings?

Once you start writing, your desires will start quickly filling up the paper. After you’ve written your list, frequently refer back to it, using it as a visualization tool in your manifestation practice.

Know That It Will Happen When It Is Meant To

A key part of the manifestation process, especially when it comes to love, is understanding that divine timing is at play. Despite your desire for your ideal partner to show up in your life this instant, this might not happen when you expect it to. Divine timing is the plan of the Universe (or other higher power) and cannot be rushed. No matter how much you pray, use affirmations or do spellwork; sometimes it just won’t happen when you want it to. This doesn’t mean that your efforts aren’t working or that you can’t do all of those things but it means that you have to practice patience. When it comes to love work, you have to remember that there is another person in this scenario. Just because you’re ready doesn’t mean that they are. They could be in another relationship, need to do some healing work, or are simply not open to love right now. Trust that everything will fall into place exactly when it is meant to.

Work On You

During this waiting period, it can feel anything but easy to focus on anything else. But now is actually a great time to work on yourself. After all, like attracts like. What you seek in a partner, nurture that within yourself. For example, do you want someone who prioritizes you? Make sure that you’re prioritizing yourself first. Want someone to take you out on dates? Take yourself out on solo dates. And the same goes for qualities. Want someone who is creative? Nurture your inner creativity. And so on. Often, we seek a romantic partner because we feel like we’re missing something, causing us to feel like we’re not enough. Whatever you feel like you are missing in your life, you can create that within you. You have the power to be that missing piece.

Take Inspired Action

After manifesting, it can feel like there’s not much to do if you have to let divine timing work its magic. But as mentioned above, there are action steps you can take to head in the right direction while you wait. First off, work on you as mentioned in the previous point but also be open to receive. Have you ever wanted something so badly but when it actually came to fruition you pushed it away because it scared you? It’s quite counterintuitive, don’t you think? To prevent this from happening, prepare by working on being open to receiving. Ask yourself if there’s anything that has held you back from love in the past. Being emotionally unavailable, past trauma, or the fear of losing independence? Investigate it. Dive deeper and see what might be unknowingly sabotaging this love from entering your life. Remember, in order to welcome the new, you have to first get rid of the old.


Now the last step to attracting your soulmate is to surrender. After all, is said and done, you have to surrender to the Universe to let it happen exactly as it should. Trust that everything is going according to plan. Trusting is difficult when you’re used to being in control but trust in this situation will bring the best results. You can’t control the other person so all you can do is work on yourself and let it happen naturally.

Read this blog post about surrendering for more tips.


Attracting your soulmate is not only achievable but it also gets to be easy. When you understand the rules of the game, your plays become second nature and lead you down the path of success. Your energy and actions greatly affect the process of attracting your soulmate into your life so get to work on yourself and it will all happen before you know it. Get clear about your desires, trust in divine timing, work on building a solid foundation with yourself, take inspired action, and surrender to the process. Love is coming into your life now. Let it be.

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