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My Journey of Becoming Magnetic As a Woman in Her 20s | Feminine Magnetism

Updated: Jul 26

My Journey of Becoming Magnetic As a Woman in Her 20s | Feminine Magnetism

I always knew I was destined to be the kind of woman that enters a room and everyone looks at her. She is sophisticated, classy, and magnetizing. People can’t help but feel drawn to her. But that’s not all. From within she feels in tune with her needs and desires. She is deeply in love with herself and life, in return, is in love with her. She is so deeply connected to the Universe that her desires rush in with ease. She is magnetic.

My journey to become this person continues to this day but now more than ever I feel that I am this magnetic woman. She is me. I am her. The journey has not been straightforward. There have been moments of circling back to old habits and feeling as if the endeavor wasn’t worth it at all. But it has all led me to this place and I want to share it with you.

My desire 0f becoming magnetic stemmed from my time as a little girl who was terrified of stepping out of line. I was the quiet, independent girl which made people leave me alone for better or for worse. I was praised for ‘not needing much’ and I unconsciously held onto the idea that it was wrong to ask for what I needed or wanted.

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As many kids do, upon entering public school I confronted backstabbing friends, bullies, and first crushes who treated me horribly. I felt even more so that I couldn’t express my needs and that it was safer to play small because then no one would bother me. This belief followed me to the halls of high school where I created the perfect image of the ‘tough girl’- dark makeup, dressed in black, and a permanent scowl on my face. I kept my distance in order to protect myself. My former bullies stayed away. But so did my friends. I pushed everyone away, not just those who were unsafe. I created my perfect world of protection by hiding but it was lonely.

This story of it being safer to hide (also known as the fear of being seen, is discussed here) followed me into my relationships and later my career. During my first serious relationship, I settled for someone avoidant, emotionally-unavailable, and who became increasingly unkind to me as time went on. It was easier to stay where I felt small because that was all I ever knew.

In my career, I said I was a business owner but proceeded to never share my offerings or even speak about what I do. I hide behind the occasional Instagram post and called it a day. In fact, the first 2 years of The Divine Hippie felt like a blur because how could I be productive if I was afraid to share my message? No one heard me. And that’s exactly what my subconscious mind wanted.

From the time I was a child, I believed that my needs and desires didn’t matter. As a result, everything around me demonstrated that belief to me. This is where shadow work came in and has been the most freeing thing I’ve done in my life. I finally saw in the mirror who I was choosing to be (not who I truly was.) I could see the shadows that lay in my subconscious mind telling me that I’m a burden, that my desires were wrong, or that I don’t deserve anything better than I’ve currently been dealt. I made peace with this inner mean girl and continue to corral her when she whispers in my ear. The more I healed my past through forgiveness work, processing grief, and releasing; the more I could love myself as I am. And in that process, I came to accept my desire for magnetism. I didn’t want to be shoved in a corner and made to be ‘quiet.’ I wanted to command attention and respect.

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As of now, my desire and pursuit of being magnetic is ingrained within me. It is not something I hide anymore. I see this desire, along with my other desires, as natural as my sensuality and sexuality. It is something to be celebrated and shown to the world to inspire others. My magnetism is an essential part of my womanhood.

An archetype I look to for inspiration are mermaids and sirens. They are creatures who embody mystery, sensuality, and inner power. Their playful energy invites others in. They are magnetic without trying to be because they are authentically themselves. They want to have adventures, fall in love, and enjoy life through the senses. In terms of being magnetic myself, I look to them for guidance while navigating life. I stop and ask, “As a magnetic woman, what would I do?” Usually, the answers lie in my desires because they are safe guidance. I tune into how I’m feeling and let those emotions come up. If I need to cry for a minute, I’ll let myself do that without shame. Often, my sadness goes away right after. Your emotions are just begging to be acknowledged. I live slowly. I am mindful throughout the day of changes in my environment or my inner state. I allow my senses to guide me.

How can the senses nourish me at this moment? Do I need to clean my space to gain clarity? Do I need to get out of restricting clothes so that I can practice movement?

It’s really about reconnecting to my body and allowing my desires, like I said, to be acknowledged. And in relation to my love life where I had a habit of playing small, I now focus my energy on building relationships that nurture my needs such as only dating masculine men. As a woman who resonates and lives in feminine energy, I need that polarity in my life. I now look for that energy in partners without shame about asking for that. I enjoy someone who takes initiative, is ambitious, takes care of themselves and others, and is assertive. I now have no problem not giving any more energy to connections where I’m not getting this. I deserve to have my needs met as do you.

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The future is getting more and more promising every day. As someone who once didn’t see a future past 17, I’m filled with gratitude as I think about what is to come. The more I dive into my magnetism work I plan on becoming even better at manifesting bigger things (ex. bigger figures of money.) The more work I do on myself, the more I feel myself aligning with the energy of abundance. I know I still have some work regarding my limiting beliefs and patterns as the healing journey always continues. But I accept that I am a work in progress and I love that reality. I actively see myself falling more in love with my life.

I feel more fulfilled living as a magnetic woman than I ever did before. It is something that I was deeply missing without realizing it. Thank you for reading my story. I love sharing my stories like this because you get to see more of my life behind the scenes, not just from the highlight reel of social media.

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My Journey of Becoming Magnetic As a Woman in Her 20s | Feminine Magnetism

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