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How To Protect Your Energy During the Holidays

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

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How To Protect Your Energy During the Holidays

The holidays have a habit of testing and trying the patience of the average person. No matter what race, culture, or religion you identify with, the holidays usually turn into a source of headaches. Despite it being a time of hand-holding and deep connection with loved ones, the hectic ups and downs and commotion that come with it can drive you to insanity.

With the best of intentions, we hope for kindness, harmony, and serenity. However, I can barely count on one finger the number of times my own family has gathered together without a single quarrel. It simply does not happen. Families and friends fight so we can’t prevent that from happening but we do have the option of energetically protecting ourselves to keep us out of harm’s way.

Learning how to protect your energy will safeguard you throughout the holiday period. You will find that you are able to deal with the unpleasantries while appreciating the good moments with your loved ones. This is an important step that you must take as a spiritual being.

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Why It’s Important to Protect Your Energy

Energetically protecting oneself is something that I have been preaching before I even started The Divine Hippie. Every day we encounter various energetic frequencies which encompass everything from the lowest of the low to the highest of the high. These frequencies can attach to you without you even realizing it.

Think of yourself as a sponge. As you absorb the energies you encounter you become denser and weighed down by the heaviness of it all. After some time it becomes a burden to your spirit as it affects the way you feel.

When you actively protect your energy, you keep negativity at bay and set spiritual boundaries. No matter what is happening on the outside you can maintain your sense of composure and peace by ridding yourself of toxic energy. Rather than feeling drained, you will be full of happy and healthy energy.

How to Protect Your Energy

The effects of the holidays can easily be dealt with by implementing a simple shift in your attitude and a few positive practices. You begin using these techniques the morning of your guest's arrival and continue with these methods till they depart. Here is how to protect your energy during the holidays.

Before Their Stay

Energetically Prep Yourself

First, you have to be ready and prepared for the unwanted energy that may come your way during the holidays. Connect with the Universe and feel the bond between yourself and Source. You can do this by placing your feet on the earth to ground yourself. Here you will cleanse away all non-beneficial energy that you are holding onto.

Another powerful way of tuning into the universe and protecting yourself is to visualize a bubble that shields you from negative energy. Imagine that this forcefield is surrounding you throughout your day to feel safe and secure. This method will help you to start your day fresh with psychic protection.

During Their Stay

Wear Jewelry That Promotes Protection

Specific crystals such as Black Tourmaline and Tiger’s Eye offer psychic protection. In general, black and red crystals represent protection and groundedness. Consider wearing jewelry that contains crystals with the intention of protection and use them to protect your energy. Crystals that activate the root chakra will help you to feel safe and secure.

During your guest's stay, you can meditate with these crystals or place them around a private room that you can turn into your sanctuary. Whichever way you decide to use them their vibration will ward off unwanted energy and act as a defense mechanism around you.

Light A White Candle

Light a white candle and keep it near the entrance of your home to cleanse away negative vibes. Set it with the intention of clearing your guests of any non-beneficial energy that is attached to them. This is a great way to keep the peace and to make sure your guests are not bringing any undesired energy into your home.

Nothing is worse than being excited for a visit from a loved one only to have them be snappy with you because of an event that took place before they came to see you. With a white candle, you can use its purification properties to set the tone for the holidays and ensure that the atmosphere is serene.

Diffuse Calming Essential Oils

Essential oils are a great way to create your desired vibe in your home. This is a great time to diffuse calming essential oil blends with a harmonious aroma or simply diffuse a relaxing single oil such as lavender. Just add a few drops to a diffuser and let the bouquet of aromatic, natural perfumes lull your senses with its magic.

After Their Stay

Spiritual Shower

The act of doing Reiki on yourself is a spiritual shower in the sense that you cleanse away the day and all of the attachments that you are carrying. There are 3 layers that should ideally be cleansed every single day, they are the physical, emotional or mental, and spiritual layers, as shown below.

A non-beneficial thing or energy will latch onto the physical level first, presenting itself as the following:

1. Annoyance (scratching, redness, etc.)

2. Pain (tight shoulder, hurts to bend the knee, etc.)

3. Disease or dysfunction (cancer, asthma, etc.)

Once it stays long enough on the physical level it will then go to the emotional or mental layer, becoming a part of your thought process (eg. negative thinking) and presenting as an emotion (eg. Anger, worry, etc.).

Finally, after this point, it will then go to the spiritual layer which affects our view of the world and creates unbalanced chakras leading to disconnection, shame, sense of loss, and fear. If you cleanse yourself at least every 3 days you will be removing all of the layers of non-beneficial energy so you can start fresh with your best foot forward.

If you are interested in learning how to use Reiki as a tool for spiritual cleansing, consider joining our online reiki level 1 course - here.


The holidays are meant to be enjoyed. The magic of love and togetherness should be the highlight of your time with your loved ones, not the negativity that often arises. Use these tips to help you combat bad vibes and protect your auric field so you can relish in the joy that this period brings.

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