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Reasons To Work With Me

When choosing a practitioner to work with, it’s important that you resonate with their energy and values. Because I know how important the selection process is I like to be as upfront as possible so that you can see what it would really be like to work with me. Here are just a few reasons why I am the best practitioner to work with.

1. I help you to expand outside of your comfort zone

When undergoing a total transformation of the body, mind, and soul, doubt has a way of creeping into your mind. The minute before you are to undergo a breakthrough you want to withdraw and go back to the cozy corner called the comfort zone. As your spiritual guide, it is my job to hold your hand through it all: the breakthroughs, the low points, and the expansion. I help you to expand your consciousness as I know that you are worthy of more. This metamorphosis of the body, mind, and soul not only helps you to create the life that you desire but it also improves clarity, helping you to see life with a brand-new perspective.

2. Empowerment is my number 1 priority

My mission is to empower women by guiding them towards their higher self increasing self-love in the process. Every step of the way will be a chance for you to see just how powerful you are. With every service, you receive a custom report filled with a description of your service, intuitive messages, and suggestions for the continuation of your spiritual journey. My offerings are designed to support you every step of the way.

3. I know the importance of building the connection with oneself and your higher self

A part of our spiritual journey here on earth as a spiritual being having a human experience is to learn about oneself in the deepest capacity. We are not here for superficial connections. We are here for heart-to-heart true love. When we are connected to ourselves and our higher selves, we awaken to our own divine power that gives us access to the mysteries of the Universe. We awaken to infinite love, prosperity, and hope.

4. The Divine Hippie is a judgment-free zone

When we begin our journey of working together, you will be graciously welcomed no matter how you feel in the moment: vulnerable, confused, emotional, or hurt. You can relax knowing that how you are feeling is valid and will be honored. My practice is a judgment-free zone. I also have experience working with a variety of racial backgrounds, religious beliefs, and pasts.

5. I work fully online

The way that I have designed my practice is to function entirely online. This was done so that we can avoid the in-person struggle of having to be local in order to receive help and so that everything can be done at your own pace. I work with a 30-day turnaround to ensure that you receive the best possible service in collaboration with divine timing. Even with my online course, these can also be completed at your own pace giving you the freedom to receive support when it’s convenient for you.


Choosing a specialist for needs can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be. When you choose to work with The Divine Hippie you can feel safe knowing that you made the right choice. This practice is my life purpose and I am committed to pursuing it with pure of heart with expertise tucked under my belt. If you’re ready to get started with me as your guide, book your personalized service here (link.)

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