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How to Save Yourself From a Closed Heart

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

When the world wants to crack us open, we clench until we close in an effort to keep us safe. I’m sure you’ve been there. I know that I have. At one point, I was so scared of someone coming along and breaking my tiny, fragile heart that I took my heart, put it in a box, and forgot where I left it. For so long I was disconnected from this beating force of love that I became cold. Too afraid to let anyone too close. But then, the box was found and when I opened it, I awakened to a whole new world. If you’re reading this post, I’m sure you’re feeling like that right now. Maybe you’re dealing with a breakup. Or you’re trying to process grief. Today we are discussing with all matters of the heart in mind. If you’re sick and tired of your heart being closed, keep on reading and prepare to awaken to a whole new world.

You can watch the video or read the written version below.

What does it mean to have a closed heart?

Having a closed heart means creating an energetic barrier around your heart in order to protect yourself. Closing your heart in the first place usually happens after experiencing great loss/betrayal/hurt. Being cautious of who is entering your energy is a good practice however it crosses into self-sabotaging behavior when it keeps you from experiencing love on all levels: from yourself, others, and the Universe. In a real-life example this could look like: isolating yourself from friends, vowing to never date again after a breakup, and not accepting help from others.

Why It’s important to open your heart

  • When your heart is closed, this creates blockages that prevent you from welcoming the new into your life

It is our goal as spiritual beings to be in full alignment with the Universe. The highest vibration of all and the vibration of the Universe is love. On the other side of the spectrum, there’s fear. Having one’s heart open means that you are vibrating at the vibration of love which allows you to welcome change with ease. You trust the Universe and know that all Is happening for your highest good. When you close your heart, this creates the energy of fear that makes you not only block out the possibility of love but also block out opportunities in all areas of life: career, health, finances, etc. This energy is subconsciously being emitted out into the universe, attracting more of that into your life. After all, like attracts like.

  • When your heart is closed, this creates an unbalanced heart chakra

The heart chakra is quite literally the heart of the chakra system. It is located in the chest and is in the center of the 7 point energy system. The heart chakra is the energy center that focuses on love, compassion, and forgiveness. When this energy center is unbalanced, this means that this area of life and energy of the center is in chaos. There is stagnant energy that is creating blockages, preventing this area of life from having any flow. To be in harmony with the Universe, it is the goal to have all chakras, especially the heart chakra as it directly affects all other chakras. Having a balanced heart chakra looks like giving & receiving love equally, forgiving easily, and having compassion.

  • You have the power to alter your reality and be free of the past

Your thoughts create your reality. When you realize this, you can alter your reality to go from being in fear energy; not wanting to get hurt again, to being in love energy; welcoming love from yourself, others, and the Universe. You have the power to be free of the past. You just have to let go of the hurt that is making you hold your heart so close that you don’t let anyone dare to come forward.

5 Ways to open your heart

1. Acknowledge that you might be avoiding opening your heart due to past hurt

When you’ve been betrayed in the past, it can make you want to wrap your heart really tight to keep it safe. The first step to opening up your heart is acknowledging that your heart is in fact closed. The sooner you realize the effect your past has on you, the sooner you can effectively release it so that you can welcome the new. Awareness is the key to everything. In fact,, I didn’t even realize that I was emotionally unavailable until I started doing heart chakra work on myself a few weeks ago. This is why continuing your self-discovery journey is so important because you awaken to your needs and can figure out where you can improve.

2. Rule your emotions, don’t let them rule you

Matters of the heart are touchy as I’m sure you know. And when it comes to the heart, when awareness is not cultivated emotions can run wild: making you be a victim to their ebbs and flow instead of enjoying the process. Learning to rule emotions begins with

a. Create awareness: create a safe space for your emotions to surface. Allow them to show up as they are without any intention of controlling them. Whatever comes up, refrain from judging. All emotions are valid. All experiences are valid. Repeatedly remind yourself this.

b. Acknowledge them: Acknowledge your emotions for what they are. A formula that my therapist taught me is

Thank you (name emotion) for (reason for coming up) but I choose to release you.

For example: thank you resentment for reminding me that I am still feeling betrayed from this situation but I choose to release you.

By acknowledging them, you are creating the intention that you are a safe space.

c. Release when needed: release those emotions by repeating this affirmation until you feel a release, using visualization techniques, or through energy healing.

3. Practice being vulnerable: being vulnerable is difficult for those with a closed heart since it puts you in a challenging position where you feel. Practice being vulnerable by:

a. Sit with uncomfortable feelings: when they come up, allow yourself to feel them. As previously mentioned, it’s important to create a safe space for yourself.

b. Do shadow work: This is also a great time to do shadow work to dive deeper and see where the fear of being vulnerable stems from.

4. Balance your heart chakra: a closed heart means an unbalanced heart chakra. Give these a try.

a. Use affirmations: affirmations are a powerful way to alter your subconscious mind. Repeat at least 3 times daily. Use affirmations such as: I am open to giving & receiving love, I am here to experience love (like this affirmation? Check out this design I made!), and my heart chakra is balanced

b. Energy healing: Visualization and intuitive healing can remove non-beneficial energy that is causing blockages in the heart center.

5. Give yourself time- there’s no rush

Like with everything in the healing journey, it is never an overnight process. Healing takes time. You have to keep showing up every day. Give yourself time to enjoy the process.

Opening the heart can be scary since you don’t know how to handle this drastic change in the way you go about life. But with determination, day by day, your heart will open, helping you to create a life of love.

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