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5 Sexy Ways To Increase Your Feminine Energy

5 Sexy Ways To Increase Your Feminine Energy

Your feminine energy is the gateway to unapologetically receiving your desires. It is the energy of self-acceptance. It is allowing yourself to be everything that you are without filtering it. Learning to tap into this energy is, I believe, one of the most crucial lessons for any woman. This is a natural energy within you that is both lovingly nurturing and the embodiment of healthy sexuality. To get the best of both worlds, here are 5 sexy practices you can incorporate into your life to increase your feminine energy.

1. Sensual Dancing As a Way to Manifest

Feminine energy focuses on staying in the present moment and feeling connected to your body. Sensual dancing is a sacred practice that helps you to do both. Plus, it is an incredible way to move through mental/energetic blocks. I often do this during a work break to get the creative juices flowing. Another reason why sensual dancing is so sacred to feminine energy embodiment is that your feminine energy lies within your sacral chakra located at your belly and hips where most sensual dancing stems from. This practice is meant to be freestyle so move in a way that feels best for you.

You can start by standing up, feet hip-width apart, and slowly sway your hips from side to side. Do this for a minute or two.

Then imagine a square that surrounds your body. Sway your hips around the square from corner to corner- Front right to front left to back left to back right then repeat. Do this for a minute. Then go in the opposite direction.

From here, try moving as you please. Maybe you incorporate arm movements or close your eyes. How is your body asking you to move it?

Learn more about the sacral chakra along with the other 6 in my Introduction to Chakras online course.

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2. Loving Touch Just For You

Now if you are a lover of physical touch (like myself) this will feel lovely to you. But if that is something that feels unfamiliar, start small. Loving touch is a way to re-connect with yourself, tune into your senses, and practice feeling safe in your body. My morning routine after the shower includes moisturizing my entire body while incorporating lymphatic massage. A simple way to describe the process is to always be massaging toward your heart. This practice requires me to slow down, physically feel if I’m holding tension anywhere, and touch my body. A lot of people are touch-starved so by providing yourself with loving touch you can be fulfilling a need that you were unaware of.

3. Sex Magic Solo Or With a Lover

Sex magic is the intentional practice of solo or partnered sex to manifest. Your reproductive organs are designed for birth and creation. This doesn’t mean you must have children or have sex solely to conceive. It means that your reproductive organs (especially your womb) are an energy center for the birth and creation of ideas, new opportunities, and manifestations. So you can use sex as a way to manifest.

This is done by first and foremost, being in the moment during your sexy time. Turn off tech. Don’t watch porn. And just focus on sensation. Practice self-touch all over your body while focusing on your desired manifestation. Think about how you will feel when you have the thing you desire. Will you feel grateful? Calm? Safe? Tap into that feeling then turn the volume up. As you approach an orgasm (if at all), focus intensely on your desire. And as you release, affirm that it is yours. Sit in that feeling of gratitude and knowing that it is already yours. Then proceed to do your regular aftercare.

4. Dress Well to Increase Confidence

A part of feminine energy is thoughtfully taking care of yourself because you believe you are valuable. In a physical sense, this could be putting effort into your appearance not because of aesthetics but rather for self-confidence. For example, I feel best about myself when I ‘put myself together’ by selecting clothes that feel good, styling my hair, and wearing makeup that accentuates my favorite features. This could also be wearing your favorite lingerie around the house when no one is home simply because you can. When you feel proud of yourself for the way you look physically, confidence stemming from within becomes easier.

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5. Play With Your Desires By Making a Vision Board

Feminine energy is about the expression of your needs and desires. While I encourage you to do this in your day-to-day life, a fun and sexy way to play with your desires is to create a vision board. Creating a visual representation of everything you want in life makes it easier to visualize actually having it. The more comfortable it feels to have it, the easier it is to receive. I invite you to do this completely unhinged. Don’t hold back from your desires. If you desire a glamorous car, add that. If you desire a body that looks a certain way, add that. I don’t want you to hold back from wanting what you truly want because you fear judgment from others. This vision board is meant to be kept just for you.

Your desires are safe guidance. You have them for a reason. Embrace them.

These 5 ideas are meant to be playful. They are meant to push you a little outside your comfort zone. Feminine energy is something that is already within you. It is not a trait you have to invent. It is already a part of your nature. Give these 5 sexy practices a try and see how it feels to connect with your feminine energy. Does it feel like coming home?

This month I am offering a limited number of free Magnetism Magic calls where together we will uncover one mindset block that is preventing you from stepping into your feminine magnetism. Book your call with me here. I look forward to supporting you to step into your magnetism and start creating the life you desire.

5 Sexy Ways To Increase Your Feminine Energy

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