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How to Make Your Spiritual Practice a Priority

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How to Make Your Spiritual Practice a Priority

As a spiritual coach, I often share with my clients who are seeking a deeper connection with the Universe and fulfillment through their life purpose to create a nourishing spiritual practice. A spiritual practice is a regular devotion to your spiritual development through your actions. This can look like meditation, prayer, yoga, journaling, working with a mentor, or anything else that helps you feel connected to your spirituality. The reason why I encourage my clients to create a spiritual practice is so that they learn how to attune to their intuition, listen to their needs, and embody their highest self.

But life is busy, right? Although it may seem intimidating to add another thing to your to-do list, making your spiritual practice a priority is a lot easier than you think.

3 Steps to Making Your Spiritual Practice a Priority

Create Daily Rituals

Rituals are wonderful ways to cultivate consistency in your life by devoting yourself to a singular activity and mastering it. And these rituals do not have to be long-drawn-out, intricate, or take up a lot of your time. They can be short daily activities that bring you closer to your goals.

For example, if you want to increase clarity to optimize your workday, consider meditating before heading to work or going for a walk during your lunch break.

If you desire to connect with a specific deity, say an affirmation in the bathroom mirror while you’re getting ready.

If you want to quiet your mind before bed, consider journaling and starting with a brain dumping session. Then continue writing whatever comes to mind to practice tapping into your intuition.

Think about when you have time for daily rituals. Is it before work? While you are getting ready for bed? While cooking dinner? There are a lot of sneaky opportunities to connect with your practice.

Rituals are a wonderful opportunity to create brief moments of stillness in days filled with chaos. Consider finding a ritual that feels good for you and can easily flow into your daily routine.

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Make Time to Learn New Things

A key part of spirituality is the curiosity about the world around you. In this case, your spiritual practice does not have to be strict rules you follow. It can be fluid as you explore whatever piques your interest at any given time. During your free time, dive into those topics through books, courses, movies, or mentors.

This can look like scheduling time every day for studying. This is something that I do (because frankly there is too much I want to learn at any given time). From 7:00-8:30 pm, I study whatever topic is calling to me. Right now, my main focus is my master’s degree which focuses on metaphysical science. But for you this could look like, doing a quick quiz on Duolingo during your commute to work. Or choosing to read spiritual blogs before bed. Either way, this learning will help you stay open-minded, curious, and excited for the future.

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Incorporate Spirituality into Everything You Do

One of the reasons I practice spirituality is because of its flexibility and ability to be unique to your needs. This also makes it so easy to incorporate it into everything you do.

For example, my personal practice is so intertwined with my identity because I incorporate spirituality into most of my daily activities: the stirring of my morning tea, the selection of my clothes, and even my shower routine. This is the time when I focus on my intention, speak freely with the Universe, and use witchcraft.

Think about your daily activities and how spirituality can be intertwined. When you pick your clothes for the day, try picking your colors according to your intention. For example, red for confidence, pink for love, or black for protection. Or when you’re commuting to work, can you listen to a spiritually-focused podcast or read a spiritual development book instead of your regular playlist?

Your small actions make up who you are. So, once you become more mindful of how you spend those moments, you can start creating the life you truly desire.

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A spiritual practice is one of the best things you can start for your own well-being. It will help you be more present-moment focused, connect deeper with yourself, and improve your intuition. This is a great opportunity to get creative with how you spend your time and you will soon find a million ways you can add a little magic into your life. Remember, there is always time, you just have to prioritize what's important to you.

Want to learn more about spirituality? Check out my YouTube Channel and Instagram to learn more!

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