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10 Signs You’re Going Through a Spiritual Awakening

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10 Signs You’re Going Through a Spiritual Awakening

You might have been hearing the phrase ‘spiritual awakening’ a lot lately, and that’s because everything that’s happened over these last couple of years has forced many to re-evaluate the way we’ve been living. Modern society has taught us to focus on education, getting a job, working our way up the ladder, and that by following these steps, we’ll become successful and happy. And while many have followed this path as instructed, during the pandemic many realized there are alternative ways to achieve happiness and success.

Spiritual Awakening Definition: A time begins when we start to question the path we’ve been on and the beliefs we’ve long held.

A spiritual awakening is not an event of your life that you will experience only once. You will have several spiritual awakenings based on the current lessons you need to learn or how much you need to shift in order to align with your divine purpose.

Here are 10 signs that you may be experiencing a spiritual awakening too!

1. You’re reevaluating your beliefs and priorities.

All that you once lived by, are now coming to be questioned- your morals, beliefs, relationships, personality and so much more. What you once resonated with makes you feel like a stranger. You are exploring who you are in this present moment, rather than focusing on what you once resonated with in the past.

2. Your dreams are more vivid, and your sleep may be disturbed.

Sleep is no longer a time for uneventful slumber. Now every night comes with tossing-and-turning, waking up throughout the night, and dreams filled with messages from your spirit team. Your dreams are more vivid than ever.

3. You experience more synchronicities like seeing 11:11 or other angel numbers.

Synchronicities have become a part of your everyday life. You see repeating angel numbers such as 111, 555, 888, and 444. Also, specific topics keep being brought up all around you (i.e., in conversation, repeated thoughts, or in songs or movies.)

4. You feel distance building in some of your relationships as you change.

Like with everything changing in your life right now, your relationships are changing as well. You don’t feel as connected with your family, friends, or significant other which creates distance between you. You are questioning their place in your life and how you fit into theirs.

5. Your spirituality begins to feel like more of a priority.

Rather than a part of your life that rarely sees the light of day, your spirituality is becoming more and more of a priority to you. This could look like going to church every week, creating a structured evening routine, speaking with the Universe, or scheduling time for meditation every day.

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6. You become more intuitive as you push back the veil that’s been clouding your ability to tune in.

Your awareness has increased dramatically over a short period of time. You are more in Intune with your body, and intuitive messages being sent to you. Subtle changes in the world around you are easy to catch.

7. You feel alone in going through these radical changes.

The disconnection and distance in your relationships can cause you to feel extremely lonely during this entire process. Sometimes you think that you’re just better off alone.

8. You crave being in nature and connecting with the natural world.

You feel called to spend more time in nature whether it's for only a few minutes a day or finding a new job just so that you can spend all your time outside. You feel more connected to the elements and incorporate them into your everyday life.

9. Your outlook on the world feels different.

You no longer see the world the same way that you once did. Once again, because your beliefs have changed, so has the way you interact with others.

10. You’re more empathetic and compassionate.

It feels as though your heart has been cracked open and you are ready to be open to welcome change. You are more understanding and willing to forgive.


A spiritual awakening can be a tough time in your life with all of these changes and uncertainty regarding your next step. You are not alone in this journey. If you are looking for a guide to help you during this journey, I am here to help. The best place to get started is by downloading my free guide called “the 5 Stages of Unlocking Your Higher Purpose.” This no-commitment guide will give you a rundown of what a spiritual awakening looks like and give you actionable advice for your next step. Download here now.

10 Signs You’re Going Through a Spiritual Awakening

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