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The Ultimate Guide to Learning How to Rest

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

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The Ultimate Guide to Learning How to Rest

As a slow breath slips through my lips it sends a wave of relief through my body. The cold air outside reminds me of the changing of seasons approaching. Goodbye to the days spent under falling leaves and hello to the bitter cold leaving streaks on my iced face.

Winter is approaching and I am already preparing for the state of resting. The season is a time for rest, solitude, and peace. The world retreats into their homes for a much-needed break from the social season of the warmer weather.

This energy is still, calm, and slow. It depends on the nurturing of self and appreciation of what you already have. The harvest season is coming to a close and the canning of goods begins as we prepare for hibernation.

The winter season is the perfect time for you to slow down and enjoy the slow period. It can help you to rejuvenate and cultivate a more balanced spirit. Throughout the year you may have been bogged down by responsibilities and other people’s energies, now it is your time to hibernate.

"The more that you embrace everything that winter brings the happier and more grateful you will become. "

Transitioning Into Winter Energy

Many use this time of seclusion to join with loved ones, some use it as a time to refine old skills and learn new ones and others use this as the perfect excuse to spend a Saturday by the fire. It is an ideal way to spend your time during the cold season.

The more that you embrace everything that winter brings the happier and more grateful you will become. You will feel more thankful for your loved ones and excited for what is to come. From the food on your table to the roof over your head, you are blessed beyond measure.

Winter can help you to start over while feeling good about what has passed. When you are still and relaxed you can begin to understand and take in the lessons that the year has given you. Every winter is full of magic and this one will be even more special as you come to understand how you can use it to help you rest.

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The Different Types of Rest

Everyone’s needs will vary depending on their current state. Each at some point or another needs various types of rest. For this reason, it is important to identify where you need comforting and how you are feeling.

Here I have provided a list of different ways that you can rest. They will help you to overcome any stress or fatigue that is plaguing you while creating a blank slate for you to build your new beginning. This is my gift to you this winter season, I hope that it can guide and support you in every way possible.

Turn Off Your Devices

Too often we allow ourselves to be distracted by our phones, laptops, TVs, and anything that is designed to entertain us. The truth is that it can make us more detached from our reality and it pulls us out of the present moment. When you are so engaged in technology you miss the moments that are right in front of you.

It’s hard to switch off when your devices are constantly switched on. This is why turning away from technology is one of the most therapeutic things that you can do for yourself. It can soothe your soul and help you to feel brand new. When you start to live in a way that is less dependent on electronics you will feel freer and more rested.

When you go to sleep make sure that your phone is turned off and put away. Don’t spend all day watching movies on Netflix and try to avoid swiping through social media. This is your time to be present and experience the magic of winter.


Mindfulness practices are a great way of helping you to relax and be at peace. With meditation, you can go within and find your happy place during this winter period. The slow and silent ways of the season can help you to focus and tap into your spiritual side.

You can even use the elements of the winter period to help you get in the zone. Focus your energy on the gentle snowfall and feel the cool air around you. This is one of the best ways to meditate and will make you feel more settled and serene.

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Your Self-Care Routine

Many of us are guilty of not taking care of ourselves during winter. We assume that as we are more than likely to be tucked away inside that we needn’t bother with maintaining our self-care routine. The truth is that winter is one of the most important times to work on yourself and make sure that you are feeling good.

Draw yourself a nice, hot bubble bath and light some candles. Get the magic flowing around you and feel it within. You can do a face mask, put a treatment in your hair or even relax while listening to your favorite music. Treat yourself and rest.

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A Deep and Peaceful Sleep

This may sound obvious but getting a good night’s sleep can heal you in ways that you may not be aware of. It can help you to connect to your spirituality and add more tranquility to your life. There’s nothing like soft, fuzzy pajamas and a nice warm bed to raise your spirits and make you feel safe and sound.

Make your bedtime an experience and do everything that you love to help you nod off into a deep sleep. The noiselessness of winter and the solitude will ensure that your body, mind, and soul get the rest that it deserves.


Take this time to slow down and recuperate. There is no need to rush around and create more drama in your life. Winter is calling for you to effortlessly rest, recover and regain your strength. This is your time to reclaim your power and put your feet up in the process.

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