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Behind the Scenes of Struggling With Faith As a Spiritual Coach

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Behind the Scenes of Struggling With Faith As a Spiritual Coach

My heart has called out for me to share something that I have been struggling with lately in hopes that you may find it of value. As a spiritual coach, my clients often imagine that I know no struggle. But frankly, the opposite is the truth. I am a human being just as you are with a past, faults, and a personal life. My life is not perfect. My gifts are to act as a conduit in connection with Source, to deliver healing and guidance. But this doesn’t mean that I am immune to heartache, challenges, or sorrow. I share this story to demonstrate not only am I just like you but also that the struggles you may too be experiencing are common, meaning that you must release any shame associated with it. My biggest struggle lately has been faith.

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”-frederick douglass

Faith and trust seem to be a given in this line of work. My entire principle lies on the fact that I act as a conduit in collaboration with the higher power of your choice. But within my personal life, my intimate recent struggle with faith keeps peeking its head out from the shadows.

Although I have personally seen the wonderous assistance of the Universe in the 3D world, sometimes I find myself doubting its possibility. I question whether there is a God or an energy that aids us in our endeavors. What if I am really just speaking to myself? What if there is actually nothing up there looking down on us? At this point is when I begin to or continue to drift from my practice. I don’t do daily card readings for myself, I ignore my intuition, and rely on my ego for guidance.

There is an unavoidable gap when you are a spiritual being having a human experience: the gap between your spiritual self and your life on earth. As humans we like to be in control. This is often the reasoning behind atheists not believing in a higher power, because they firmly believe that solely they are in control of their lives. And for some, that thinking empowers them. But for me, a woman of faith, I need to feel that there is something more out there, for I have seen and felt synchronicities. I have seen spirits, angels, and the Universe make an impact on my life with their love and guidance.

If you have been struggling like myself when it comes to faith, remind yourself that it’s okay to lose your path for a bit. It’s okay to stumble and question. I mean why else would we be here if not to explore and to be curious. Even if that means distancing ourselves from what we always believed to be true.

My greatest reminder when I feel skeptical and am struggling with my faith is that it is not my sole responsibility to work out every step of my path. It is impossible for me to control every aspect of my life. Some of it will be out of my hands. Accepting this allows me to surrender to divine timing. During this time of uncertainty, pay attention to your mindset. When I feel myself slipping into doubt, I often see the ripple effect from the moment my mindset shifts towards negativity. I worry about the outcome of events and understanding all of the moving pieces at play which causes me to spiral. But one of the most important parts of faith is actually having trust in your divine plan. This is where I reassure myself that’s okay to not have everything figured out and that what is working behind the scenes will reveal itself soon enough. I have to remind myself that all will happen exactly as it is meant to, even if it doesn’t make sense right now.

Struggling with my faith is not something that I, as a spiritual coach, love sharing but I believe that it is important in order to normalize the ebbs and flows of life. You are going to have moments of feeling extremely close to the Universe and other moments where you feel worlds apart. Both are marvelously okay because they both come with important lessons. If you have been struggling with your faith, know that you are not alone. Your practice will feel like home again. Continue taking it one day at a time and surrendering to the process.

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