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5 Steps to Tap Into Your Heart Space

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5 Steps to Tap Into Your Heart Space

Do you ever find yourself being too logical? You know that this should be a decision made with your feelings and heart, but you can’t help but write a pros and cons list. This is a sign that you are operating solely in your headspace and are being called to live in your heart space.

What Does It Mean to Live in Your Heart Space?

To live in your heart space means to live in harmony and in tune with your feelings. You allow yourself to feel your emotions, the good and the so-called bad. You make decisions with intuitive insight. You refrain from overthinking and overanalyzing situations.

If you want to stop overthinking and start following your heart, keep reading.

5 Steps to Tap Into Your Heart Space

This 5-step process is not meant to be a one-and-done situation. Especially if this is your first time stepping out of your headspace, and diving into your heart space: it might require a few practice tries before you feel connected enough to receive the answers you seek. With time this process will become easier, enabling you to tap into this space with little effort. Be sure to give yourself time to develop this connection at your own pace. It will certainly not happen overnight. But with time, your heart space will open up.

  • Find a Quiet Space

Treat this process as you would with a meditation practice. Begin by finding a quiet space that will comfort you as you dive into this practice. You can do this whether you have a few minutes or thirty. If needed, incorporate comfy items that might enhance your experience such as pillows, candles, blankets, and most importantly, get rid of any distractions. You can be in any position you find most comfortable: sitting down or laying down.

  • Be Still

Close your eyes and be still. Breathe deeply as naturally as possible. Refrain from thinking about your to-do list, wondering if you did, in fact, send that important email, or what you’ll have for dinner. Every time a thought comes up, bring your focus back to your breath. Feel life force energy fill your entire body and the release of all that no longer serves you. The point of this exercise is to be mindful, not perfect. Please release any judgment If you are struggling to focus on your breath. Your thoughts will naturally shift from time to time and that’s okay. This is all practice.

  • Put Your Hands On Your Heart

Once you feel still and in the present moment, place your hands on your heart. Some options include placing one hand over the other or holding your hands in a prayer position with only the sides of your thumbs touching your chest. Do what feels natural to you. Take 3 deep breaths and feel the connection between your hands and your focus.

TIP: If you feel disconnected, consider gently rubbing the palm of your hand in the center of your chest. Feel the warmth your touch invokes.

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  • Ask Questions

When you feel ready to continue, ask your heart space (you can visualize a vibrant green orb in the center of your chest) what you need to know right now or the question on your mind. Give your heart as long as it needs to answer. It could be a few moments or a few minutes. The answer could reveal as words, numbers, images, or even colors. Be open to all that shows itself.

Note: It’s normal to not receive any answer the first few times you try this practice. The more you practice, the easier it will become to tap into your heart space.

  • Catch Yourself When You Doubt

Starting a new practice can be intimidating. Just when you begin to see results you might catch yourself slipping into doubt. Continue to remind yourself that tapping into an energy that is unfamiliar to you, might feel weird and that’s okay. Once again, your logical mind is running the show. You can nurture both sides of you but now is the time to focus on your heart space.


Tapping into your heart space and giving yourself permission to feel your feelings is a foreign experience that not many willingly want to venture into. For this reason, you should be proud of yourself for taking the first step to opening your heart to the possibilities of the universe. Once again, keep trying this exercise and with time, it will become effortless to receive the answers you seek.

If you are looking for a guide to help you during this journey of getting in touch with your heart space, I am here to help. The best place to get started is by downloading my free guide called “the 5 Stages of Unlocking Your Higher Purpose.” This no-commitment guide will give you a rundown of what a spiritual awakening looks like and give you actionable advice for your next step. Download here now.

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