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The Unexpected Formula For Manifesting All Your Desires: Manifest Easily

The Unexpected Formula For Manifesting All Your Desires: Manifest Easily
The Unexpected Formula For Manifesting All Your Desires: Manifest Easily

Your thoughts have a powerful influence over your experience in life. Often in this world of hustle and bustle, you can get stuck in logical and practical thinking. After all, it is how we have been conditioned to think.

“Be realistic.”

“Don’t do anything too crazy.”

“That doesn’t happen to people like you or me.”

Amanda Frances, a glorious money coach once said, “I do not want a practical life.” And I couldn’t agree more with her. I don’t want to settle for ‘good enough.’ I don’t want a job that is easy to come by and is hailed as the pinnacle of security. I want a life that is fun, dreamy, and makes others see beyond what is ‘practical.’ This is where the art of being intentionally delusional comes in.

Yes, you read that right…delusional.

Now let me be clear, what I mean by that is having lighthearted confidence in yourself. This is not about promoting unsafe behavior. This practice is trusting your desires and allowing them to lead you, even if they might not seem ‘practical’ or ‘realistic’

Are the people around you repeatedly telling you that something isn’t possible? Um no thanks. It was placed in my heart so it’s meant for me. It’s already mine.

Being intentionally delusional is the practice of being un-waveringly optimistic about life. Knowing that the Universe Is with you every single step of the way and is never going to let you fall on your face. Living in this way helps you make life more fun because you are not so focused on the ‘reality’ of the situation. You blindly believe in the possibilities and don’t let practicality tell you what is possible for you. You make your own rules. You can, in fact, manifest easily.

As someone who is generally grounded and practical with a dash of frilly-ness thrown in, I can easily become too practical in my thinking. This might seem crazy as a spiritual life coach but this is where most of my guidance comes from; my own experience because I intimately know where you’re currently at. Being too practical has made me look at life in black-and-white terms (what is and what is not possible). In those moments I can’t see the power of the Universe or co-creation. I am stuck in 3D thinking where there are infinite limitations to my desires. Being ‘delusional’ has helped me break through this thinking and to play with life rather than adhering to made-up rules. It has transformed my confidence and manifestation practices. I allow myself to take up space and claim what is mine without asking for permission from anyone else. Being delusional is too fun to miss out on.

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Being Delusional In Your Love Life

Confidence seems to be the #1 problem single people face when it comes to their dating life. Whether it’s feeling unlikeable, not feeling comfortable keeping eye contact or not knowing how to handle someone attractive approaching you. I love playing with the delusion that everyone around me is in love with me. They see me walking in the grocery store and can’t help but wonder about me. Attractive people see me and instantly feel pulled to talk to me. The way I see it is that it might not be necessarily true but it does give you a killer confidence boost. If you feel amazing, that’s all that matters. If your lack of confidence is your biggest barrier to having a fun dating life, then acting a little delusional is exactly what you need.

Ideas to Play With:

  • Use affirmations such as “my presence has a magnetic pull on everyone,” “people are lucky to be in my presence,” and “I am effortlessly desirable.”

  • Visualization practice: Imagine walking into a room without giving in to thoughts about your appearance or the way you behave. Visualize walking into a room and grabbing everyone’s attention. No one can take their eyes off you. Tap into the feeling of being confident, of feeling like nothing can take away this high. Turn up the volume on this feeling. Now the next time you actually do walk into a room where confidence is needed, go back to this practice and call in those feelings of confidence.

Being Delusional in Your Career:

There is a certain power you have in the workplace when you’re delusional. I heard someone say something along the lines of, if you ever need a confidence boost, talk to a start-up CEO and soak in their delusional self-belief. The joke is that start-up CEOs have no idea what is going on when their business is just starting. As a fellow business owner, I can agree. Every day is a guessing game of seeing what works. But when you have that level of blatant, delusional self-confidence, things seem to work out better. These CEOs have been known to make incredible pitches that capture their audience because their confidence inspired others to believe in their mission too. Now you don’t have to be an entrepreneur but there are ways that you can practice being delusional to help you get what you want.

Ideas to Play With:

  • If you are aiming for a promotion, declare it as yours already. Go about your job, putting in the work, and wholeheartedly believe that your boss is seeing this. Be delusional and visualize your boss surprising you with a champagne bottle to celebrate this promotion. See it coming to you so easily and that everyone around you knows that you deserve it. Hold onto that vision.

  • Every day walk into work believing that exciting opportunities are just waiting to be given to you. Whether it’s an exciting project, a mentor, or an all-expenses-paid work trip with plenty of opportunity for fun. Give permission to the Universe to shower you with blessings.

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Manifest Easily With These Everyday Delusional Tips

The art of being intentionally delusional takes practice! But the easiest way to embody this way of life is to start with everyday moments and intentional decisions.

  • Use powerful affirmations such as “the Universe is constantly conspiring in my favor,” “I get paid to exist,” and “why is everything so easy for me?”

  • Make your manifestations BIG and AUDACIOUS. No holding back. If you want a million dollars by the end of next year, write that down and CLAIM it. The art of being delusional combines trust and surrender of the how. You don’t need to know how something is going to manifest. Your job is to be crystal clear about what exactly you want.

  • Dress as your best self. Your energy shifts drastically when you put effort into the way you look because it changes the way you feel. This truly comes down to becoming more magnetic. I want you to make it your goal that you are going to actively get ready for your day whether that’s choosing a more ‘dressed-up’ outfit, taking your time while doing your makeup, or putting more effort into your hair.

Being delusional in your daily life is going to make every day 10X more fun, help you attract your desires, and generally help you get comfortable getting what you want. No more will you act small. You are going big from now on. I’m so delusional that I know whoever is going to read this post will be instantly inspired. This is the first step towards confidence in your abilities, your desires, and the Universe.

I dive into this practice and many more that will help you to activate your inner magnetism, embody your highest self and bring your manifestations to life in Magnetism Mastery. This is my signature 3-month 1:1 coaching program. Click here to learn how I can help you become positively delusional and confident.

The Unexpected Way to Manifest Success In All Areas of Your Life

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