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What It Means to Be a Witch

Updated: Jun 16

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The Reality of Being a Witch

What Is a Witch?

Being a witch has had many different meanings over the years. In Salem during the 1600s, the term ‘witch’ was used to slander anyone that was not liked by the community and to control women. In 2021, the meaning has fortunately shifted into the title bestowed upon any individual who practices the art of witchcraft, spellcraft, or whatever method preferred.

Being a witch doesn’t have quite the same stigma that it carried for years without the ignorant association with satanism, evil and overall darkness. It is now a self-proclaimed title that is open to anyone and everyone interested in using it to describe their involvement in the art of magic.

To be a witch does not have any prerequisites, it is a title that is used in an effort to describe one’s involvement in magic. For the sake of this article, magic is the art of using intention, various tools, and usually the workings of a higher power to create certain outcomes in one’s life. Magic can be done for love, career, health, manifesting, banishing, hexing, and much more.

A witch does not necessarily practice magic for all aspects of life. Some prefer to stick to kitchen magic (ie. Using magic during baking and cooking to invoke or banish energy) whereas others focus on ‘dark’ magic (ie. cursing, hexing, etc). There has always been a great debate In the witches’ community regarding the dark arts and their place in this world.

Some believe that casting spells with the intention of harming another in one way or another is wicked and should be avoided at all costs. On the other hand, others believe that it is within their rights to do with what they please with their magic. I, for one, believe in the autonomy of magic. Do with it what you please.

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Connecting With Your Inner Power

To be a witch means to connect with your own innate power, most times of which one is unaware. This power within each of us can be cultivated to attract specific, desired outcomes in all areas of one’s life. This power is our life source of energy as everything around us is made from the same fabric of the universe. Magic is simply the manipulation of energy.

Once an individual realizes that they have this ability naturally within them, they are empowered to make changes to their life that brings them great joy. For example, gaining the courage to leave an unfulfilling job while attracting a job that is in your highest good. It is all within our capabilities to find our power within.

The more that you interact with magic the stronger your sense of power will become. You will become familiar with the divine essence that makes you who you are. Embrace the God or Goddess that lives inside of you and set them free.

Creating Your Own Reality

The key to understanding magic and being a witch is to understand that we create our reality. We choose our thoughts, our actions, and what we put out into the universe. When we cultivate this realization into personal power, it shapes the life we lead.

Life isn’t happening to you, it is responding to the energy that you emit. When you hone your magic you are taking back your power from limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. You are in complete control, nothing is too hard or strenuous that you cannot overcome.

Witches know their value and the significance of their existence in this vast universe. They understand that they are a co-creator and the master of their reality. When you start to work with your magic you too will begin to recognize your greatness.

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Honoring Your Unique Path

Being a witch is different for everyone. From the types of spellwork that you perform to the way that you work with the elements, it is a personal process that varies from person to person. Being a witch includes honoring your unique path and discovering what works for you.

There are many different avenues that you can explore. By doing so you come to understand what area of witchcraft is true to your beliefs and morals. Here are some types of witches that may resonate with you.

Eclectic Witch

This type of witch uses a mix and match of various traditions for their spellwork. Their blend of practices is personalized and custom-made to work for them. They are not bound by set rules and folklore, they simply create their own form of witchcraft that is based on their experiences and interests in different cultures.

Traditional Witch

Traditional witches base their magic on the history of the area that they live in. This historical approach to magic focuses on rituals and spellwork that have been passed on throughout the ages. They honor the past and maintain the authenticity of their heritage.

Kitchen Witch

Culinary rituals are the focal point for kitchen witches. They put their magic into the meals they create and turn their cooking space into their sacred alchemist’s den. Recipes become potions and everyday ingredients such as herbs are used to create spells.

Hereditary Witch

This is the name of a witch who was born into the practice. They are the descendants of generations of witches and have inherited their magic. Certain beliefs and traditions may have been passed down from their ancestors.

You can choose to be a solitary witch who prefers to work alone or if you feel more comfortable performing magic with others, you can look to the support of a coven. The choice is entirely up to you. As long as you are doing what feels right then you are on the correct path.


Be the witch that you have always wanted to be. It is up to you, no one can dictate what kind of spiritual being you are meant to be. Your divinity must always shine bright, embrace the unique person you are.

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The Reality of Being a Witch

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