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Why Witchcraft Works

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Why Witchcraft Works

The mystery of witchcraft has long been discussed in modern society. Is it only practiced by adults who never outgrew their Harry Potter obsession? Is it all woo-hoo? Do you have to wear a pointy hat and a long black dress to be a "real" witch? Those who are not practitioners themselves can understandably have a hard time believing in the inner workings of witchcraft. As a professional witch, I can completely imagine this confusion due to the secrecy the practice still maintains to this day. Although I am not going to dive into the long history of witchcraft in this post, it’s important to know that it has been practiced for centuries all around the world. Witchcraft looks different for every witch, but these are some fundamental truths you can find in every practice of the craft. In this article, I am going to break down in a simple way how witchcraft works. Be sure to stick around till the end of the article for a free resource I know you’ll love.

Your Intention Dictates Your Results

What I love about witchcraft is the infinite ability to create whatever reality you desire. If there’s something you wish to change, you can do so effortlessly. Desire the love of everyone around you? You can become a magnet for attention and praise. Desire more money from your current vocation? Here’s an incoming call from your boss. One of the Universal laws that witchcraft adheres to is the law of attraction, meaning that whatever you put out into the Universe, you will receive it back. This means that positive energy will attract more positive energy and negative energy will attract even more negative energy. Intention is crucial in the practice of witchcraft. There is a famous quote that says,

“Where focus goes, energy flows.”

When it comes to witchcraft, “all you have to do is believe then let yourself have it”. That was actually a quote from the Disney movie Halloween Town but it still applies here.

Witchcraft Works Directly with the Universe

No matter where your beliefs fall on the spectrum of believing there is something greater than yourself; when you practice witchcraft, you are working directly with the higher power of your choice. This could be a specific deity, God, or a general term like the Universe. You are collaborating with the Universe as you declare your desires, do release work, or work through limiting belief systems. You are also receiving instantaneous intuitive guidance that will lead you in the right direction. The fact that witchcraft works so closely with a higher power; helps you create the results you desire without feeling the pressure to do it all by yourself.

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Witchcraft Requires You to Take Action

I talk about this a lot online: my one pet peeve when it comes to creating your dream life is not taking inspired action. I get it. We’ve all been there when you want to so desperately manifest something so you keep doing manifesting rituals, talking about it, and asking for it. But how often do you actually get up and take action towards those goals? Probably for most of us, the answer is rarely. This is why witchcraft is so powerful because this method is the inspired action you need to take in order to see progress in your life.

Witchcraft requires you to be crystal clear about your desires. No more wishy-washy energy. Spellwork asks of you to not only confidently declare what it is you desire, but also energetically make room for the new to come into your life. When I’m doing a spell for a client, it is never me just declaring your desires for you. It’s a combination of release work, balancing chakras, and working through limiting beliefs. There is so much that goes into the success of a spell. The focused energy that witchcraft helps you cultivate is the key to getting past the distractions you’ve dealt with in the past so that you can actually experience the results you’re searching for.

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Witchcraft is a powerful tool that anyone can use to improve their life whether you practice yourself or choose to work with a witch, like myself. It is an undervalued method that will help you to see results you can count on while still doing the work. Hopefully, this post has cleared some of the mystery for you.

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