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My Witchy Nighttime Routine

Updated: May 31, 2022

brunette woman looking into mirror wiping off makeup in a dimly lit room
My Witchy Nighttime Routine

My nighttime routine is something I take pride in. After a long, hard day it helps me to revitalize and realign my energies. Although my practice as a witch doesn’t include a daily spellcasting ritual, magic is ingrained into every aspect of my life without even realizing it, including when I wind down for the night.

As someone with a type-A personality, having routines and order are practically orgasmic to me. It helps me to function and take control, especially when things get a little hectic! As such, I have created a daily nightly routine that helps me stay connected to the best version of myself. A few months ago I showed my spiritual morning routine on Youtube (watch it here). So I figured it was time to show my nightly routine as well. Here’s my witchy nighttime routine.

Time to Unplug

Technology influences every aspect of my day. From social media to mobile phones and TV, it's hard to avoid it in this modern-day world. That’s why a big part of my nighttime routine is to unplug and unwind.

My night routine begins around 9:00pm when I switch off for the night, literally. I turn off my phone, laptop and other tech items that could distract me. Though it's tempting to whip out my devices and scroll through Instagram, I know that when I use electronics too late it keeps me up.

I regularly experience ‘racing mind’ so I have to be conscious of how stimulated I can get. My goal is to calm and relax my mind before I head off to bed, otherwise, I’ll be up for hours. As soon as I unplug I tune into a more balanced and harmonized version of myself. Before I completely switch off I do everything that I need to do ahead of time like setting my alarm so I can avoid using my phone after I’ve gotten ready for bed.

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Skincare Is Self-Care

My next step is my skincare routine. While I brush my teeth and throw my hair up into a bun I use this time to set my intention and release all that no longer serves me. If I feel like it, I’ll even pop on my manifesting playlist or binaural beats.

When I’m ready I then do my skincare routine with a sprinkle of Glamour Magick. This is a form of magick that focuses on beauty and confidence. The purpose is to change one’s physical appearance by primarily using intention and incredible focus.

As I am removing my makeup from the day with my cleanser, I envision all non-beneficial energy being removed from my body, mind, and soul. Once I feel like all the build-up from the day is gone, I move on to my toner. For this step, I use either witch hazel or apple cider vinegar. While I’m applying the product, I set the intention of creating balance in my life. This coincides with the properties of toner which balances out the PH levels in the skin.

Finally, I move onto applying my moisturizer. Now I focus on being refreshed and renewed by replacing the stagnant energy with positive, healthy energy. My entire skincare routine is laced with magic and acts as a pamper session for the spirit, it's the perfect antidote to counteract the effects of a taxing day.

Meditation and Himalayan Salt Healing

Himalayan salt has a multitude of metaphysical properties, for this reason, it is a key part of my bedtime routine. After I have finished applying my skincare I switch on my Himalayan salt lamp and get comfortable in bed. The benefits are endless, it helps me to tap into self-love while clearing negative energy from around me.

It also makes me feel grounded and more aligned as it emits positive vibrations around the room. If I am struggling with emotional attachments, my Himalayan salt lamp can assist me with releasing and cord-cutting. This ethereal tool is ideal to use at night as its gentle glow is soothing and nourishing.

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Due to this, my salt lamp acts as a night light. I keep it on during my end-of-day meditation which creates the right ambiance and helps me to avoid using the bright overhead light. Once I’m comfortable in my pajamas I go within and meditate peacefully.

I allow myself to go deep into my meditation. During this time I focus on the lessons that have come from the current day and what I want to achieve in the near future. Not only is meditating before bed good for my wellbeing, but it can also help me to get a good night's sleep and connect with my desires.

After this, I usually fall asleep straight away as I end my meditation feeling more relaxed and centered. It makes for a refreshing sleep that helps me to start the next day in a bright and happy mood. I highly recommend doing this for the ultimate witchy nighttime routine.

Though my night routine differs from day-to-day, as life is unpredictable, I will always try to at least meditate. It’s a great mindfulness activity that has a lot of advantages such as stress reduction and more awareness. It can help to boost creativity and imagination as well as patience. Meditation is the secret ingredient to my magical and intentional ritual.


What’s your nighttime routine? If you don’t already have a nighttime routine, witchy or otherwise, now is the moment to make it happen. You deserve to chill out at the end of the day and discover the power of magic. It’s the ultimate romantic gesture to yourself that will help you to realize your self-worth.

Think about what your routine should mean to you and make it your reality. You can use mine as a guide or implement a little trial and error until you find something you like. It’s all about what makes you feel good and gets you to let go of the wild and intense moments of the previous day.

If you are looking for a guide to help you during this journey, I am here to help. The best place to get started is by downloading my free guide called “the 5 Stages of Unlocking Your Higher Purpose.” This no-commitment guide will give you a rundown of what a spiritual awakening looks like and give you actionable advice for your next step. Download here now.

My Witchy Nighttime Routine

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