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Reiki Level 1

Learn how to understand your energy and to live as one with the Universe, all from the comfort of your own home.

Do you feel trapped by your own self?

Are you experiencing one block after another appearing in your life?


Our body, mind, and soul holds on to every experience in our lifetime and stores this in our energetic field.


That means every single time you've felt angry, bitter, sad, hopeless or encountered negative energy from others, it has attached to you without your knowledge.


For most of the population, they go their entire life holding onto all of this non-beneficial energy unconsciously letting it create blockages in their lives.


But for the few who search for higher consciousness, they are aware of these blockages and use various spiritual tools to cleanse themselves of this build-up of non-beneficial energy.


One of the best methods out there is Reiki - the art of healing oneself by manipulating energy.


Not only does this powerful energy healing method remove all non-beneficial energy but it also helps spiritual growth, supports one's immune systems, promotes deep relaxation, and aids the body's natural ability to self-heal.

What is Reiki?


Course Curriculum

What Our Clients Are Saying...

"With her knowledge and experience in energy flow, card readings and spirituality, Lee has helped me navigate my journey and re-discovery of connection with the Universe. I recommend Lee's services to anyone: whether it's reiki healing, gaining knowledge, and understanding of your own energy or card readings. Thank you Lee for all your help!"

— Maggie P.

What Does This Course Include?

For $275.00 CAD you get lifetime access to this course, lifetime support, a downloadable extensive manual, access to our community of Reiki students and your certificate mailed to you wherever you are in the world! PLUS the priceless knowledge of reiki.

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