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The 5 Stages of Unlocking Your Higher Purpose Guide

A Journey From Unconscious to Conscious

Looking to break the rusted, limiting chains of your past, and step into a happier, more confident, and more aware version of yourself?


If so, this is the light at the end of your tunnel.


We reach a point in our lives where we feel helpless, running out of emotional energy very quickly, and unable to be there for our loved ones. We come a long way in our careers, but it seems like it plateaued at a certain point, and we spend most of our days wondering why we never feel enough.

So, what are we missing?

Why do we feel disconnected from our own selves and feel like a passenger in our own journey?

The Divine Hippie, hands up to her head in frustration

The answer is simple: We’ve been neglecting our alternate existence, our spiritual self.


And if we’re looking to get our lives back in order, and put our feet back on track towards true peace and happiness, it’s time to wake up.


What do I mean by “wake up”?

A person who is not in touch with their spiritual sense may not know the true essence of life. In short, in order to understand the true meaning of our powerful existence, we must get in touch with our spiritual side.


Spiritual enlightenment is a state that helps us look beyond what our eyes can see. It means exceeding the limitations of our physical state, and unlocking the power of the unseen - Our spiritual existence.


A spiritual awakening can be triggered by anything, from the completely mundane to the completely life-altering. But the one truth about it, is that it changes our view on life as a whole, and unlocks sides and “powers” we never knew we had.

Imagine this…

  • Finding answers for all your insecurities, and figuring out the truth of who you are…

  • Lighting your own path, and finally being one with the universe, your subconscious, and your untapped potential…

  • Living a purposeful, rich life, and being able to be there for your loved ones …

  • Being able to filter out the negativity from your life, and choose positive surroundings, positive relationships, and positive thoughts…

The Divine Hippie holding a bouquet of red and white roses

Sounds like a dream, right?

Well now, that dream is closer than ever to being a reality: all you need is The 5 Stages of Unlocking Your Higher Purpose Guide, Your personal spiritual guide and enlightenment helper, to take your hand and walk the road of meeting your higher self, and coming to good terms with your own self.


A spiritual awakening isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s unsettling, and completely destroys everything you know about yourself, your beliefs, your loved ones, and the world itself. And finding yourself questioning so much so suddenly can make you call it quits, and give up on such a life-changing experience.


This is why you need the knowledge, the tools, and the torch in the road to guide you to a peaceful, loving higher existence.

Here’s a gist of what your guide will cover:

  • A 5-step, detailed roadmap of where you will find yourself going through a spiritual awakening, what to expect, and what’s the right call to make when faced with certain challenges.

  • How to identify your current spiritual position, and where you can go from there to benefit the rest of your journey.

  • What changes you can expect, and how to deal with all the curiosities and existential questions that come with a spiritual awakening.

5 Stages of Unlocking Your Higher Purpose Pages

And the cherry on top? It won’t cost you a penny.


Yes, you read that right. We’re giving you this gem of a book completely free of charge. It’s undoubtedly a no-brainer. Sign up below to get instant access!

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