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Virtual Women's Circle With Deana & Rosalee

Come Together to Heal, Grow, & Explore.

Sunday, March 19th from 7-9pm EST

  • Welcoming on a daily basis transformative intuitive messages that guide you on your next step.

  • Making decisions with confidence effortlessly because you are deeply connected to your purpose so you know what is in your highest good.

  • Waking up feeling genuinely at peace because your mind is calm, your breath is deep, and you are focused on this present moment.

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Introducing March's Women Circle

Hosted Virtually by Deana From Deana Lee Coaching & Rosalee From The Divine Hippie

March's Theme: Grounding

Grounding meditation to set the scene for powerful healing to take place.

Grounding ceremony designed to help you energetically connect to the earth's blessings of abundance and guidance.

What to Expect
  • Discussion About Grounding

  • Guided Meditation

  • Grounding Ceremony

  • Journaling 

  • Closing Collective Reading

Investment: $25.99 CAD

This Women's Circle Supports Busy Women to Ground Into the Magical, Healing Energy of the Earth So That They Can Navigate the World With Purpose & Confidence.

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There are only 20 spots open for this event. Book early to avoid missing out.

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